Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Elf....

The other day as I was wandering around in blogland I ran across this idea from Beki at " The Rusted Chain." It's called "Elf " someone---along the lines of a secret Santa type of idea. On the second day of Christmas I borrowed this idea and tweaked it to work for three of my co- workers.
These are the items I used:
1) Christmas Fabric
2) Pinking scissors
3) Scrapbook paper
4) Decorative scissors
5) Message tags I made
6) Ribbon
7) Mints
This is the scrapbook paper I
used to glue the white tags on.
Looks like the mints I put in the
fabric. :)
Here are the finished gifts.
I cut my fabric to hold eight
mints, gathered it together
and tied it with ribbon.
I added the tags I made to
each fabric bundle.
Tomorrow when I get to work,
I will "secretly" shhhh!!! give
these to three of my co-workers.
Hopefully they will do the same
and be a secret elf.
Thanks Beki for the cute idea!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. A sweet chain reaction. :-) Cute idea!

  2. I just love surprise...chain reactions. Have fun sweet little Elfie!

    God bless ya and have a 'fun' day sweetie! :o)

  3. I call that "pay it forward" and love it!


  4. That is such a cute idea. I had never heard of elfing someone before.


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