Thursday, November 4, 2010

Soooo Many Questions.....

Today's post is full of questions
which stems from me changing
my purse AND wallet yesterday.
1--Do you change your purse daily,
seasonally or whenever?
2--Does your wallet match your
purse? ie: red purse/red wallet
3--What size is your purse? Big,
medium or small?
4--Do you like shoulder straps or
prefer to carry on your arm?
5--Last but not least--Do your carry
basic essentials or everything plus
the kitchen sink in your purse?
I change my purse AND wallet--yes
wallet too-- seasonally or when/if
I tire of what I'm carrying. If need
be I'll put necessities in a small
"dress-up" purse when the occasion
calls for it.
Yes, my wallet goes with my purse--
red/red. I feel it is the same as
having your purse match your daily
outfit and I work with a bunch of
women who do this. I don't have time
or the patience to change my purse
Currently my purse is probably
considered medium in size. A
few years ago I had to stop carrying
the largest bag I could, because it
was hurting my shoulders and
causing back pain.
I prefer a shoulder strap/s
over carrying on my arm. That
to me is inconvenient and can get
in the way if you are carrying
something else.
I am a basic essential gal due to
the size of purse I'm carrying.
Now don't get me wrong, I make
THE most of any purse I carry
but I have to be sensible too.
I would also tell you about two
other things I carry.
1--A medication list for emergency
purposes. This helps anyone and
yourself if the info is needed.
2--A small paperback telephone
book that I have turned into a
list of books I have read or want
to read. The A-Z pages are used
for each author that I like to read-
ie: M-Macomber, R-Roberts etc.
Having the book has helped me
cut down on multiple notes with
different books on them.
Have you changed your purse lately?
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I change my purse once my current one dies a sad death or I find one SO amazing I MUST have it. My wallet matches nothing else I own.
    Purse is medium sized; not too big. I like the shoulder strap. I carry as much in my purse as I can get away with without looking like a bag lady. It's a fine balance with things I definitely need, might need, could ever need and never need but someone else might. :)

  2. I change out my purse quite often...matching it to my mood, season and/or fashion of the day! To me a purse is another piece of the wardrobe!

  3. I carry the same purse daily. I'd rather invest in one that will last a decade (that's true) than have more. I'd say it's medium sized. Same with the wallet--want it to last a decade. I also keep a list of books--those read and those I want to read. Oh, and I do have a sort of "evening" purse which I carry rarely.


  4. I don't change purses...I wear 'em out! My motto is KISS, keep it simple sister.

    You would not believe how tiny my purse is but Hubby tells everyone, "she can live out of it a week! I have everything from lipstick, tape measure (ya never know) to bandages. If ya need a safety pen or an antacid, I'm the go to gal. The purse is tiny but the list is long and organized baby, very organized.

    God bless ya sweetie and have a great weekend!!!

  5. Same purse everyday. You could say that I don't like change??

  6. I go from black to brown. Because I spent so much money on my black wallet that goes with my black purse, I do not match the wallet to the brown one. Unless I get one for christmas. The brown wallet I want is expensive, so I can't see getting it soon.
    I clean my purse out all the time and try not to carry very much in it: Wallet sunglasses, keys and some lipstick. In the side pocket, I carry a couple of bandages, and a tiny spray of Neosporin, as well as purell. That is it. In the summer months I do have some whimsical purses

  7. I don't change my purse very often, but I LOVE the idea of the telephone book for keeping track of books and authors!! If you only knew how many scraps of paper I have floating at the bottom of my purse!!

  8. G'morn ~ I NEVER used to change purses until the one I was using was the PITTS & ready for the trash ... then a year ago or so I got on this wild tear to have a bazillion purses for everything & now change all the time. I prefer the shoulder strap bags. I don't change the contents of my purse, they stay the same from one to another.

    Yup! I carry AL my medical data in my purse & a huge file in my car at all times.

    Another piece of advice ... do ICE in your cell phone for medical emergency people.
    ICE = In Case of Emergency ... put the name & number like this ICE 1, IE 2, ICE 3, etc. then a medic would know which number/people to call first.

    Have a lovely PS ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  9. I change my purse with the seasons. Wallet is red because that's my fave color, doesn't match any purse I have. My purses used to be huge and I got tired of lugging them on my shoulder so medium to small now. Since purses are smaller, I only carry essentials and found I don't miss a thing from all the "stuff" I used to put in one. Great idea with the paperback telephone book and the comment above about ICE!

  10. OMG TOO FUNNY!!!! I knew you were a kindred spirit....I usually change purses with the seasons, the main reason being that I'm a self proclaimed purse snob(see post from Oct/7th) I like "GOOD" purses and they like me....It's sad I know...I do have a matching wallet and I like a large bag (big enough to carry all the stuff I think I need but never do). I vary from shoulder strap to handle... I grew up very poor in the Appalachian Mountains but I have a picture of me around four years old holding a new purse my Mother had let me pick out...A very large black patten leather purse..My love of them goes way back.... Have a great week my friend

  11. Oh my.....Yes, I change my purse very often....I now have a new brighten purse that Sam bought me for my birthday....It is reversible....Red on the inside and leopard on the outside. I feel like I now have 2 new purses...It is about medium size to large??

    Enjoyed this post Melinda....

  12. usually change with the seasons...if i remember

    he he

    happy to see you today melinda. i always love seeing you at Farmhouse...


  13. Ooh, I love surveys like this. At the very least I change my purse seasonally. I have a closet full and buying purses is my weakness.

    My wallet doesn't match, because I like red ones, so that I can find them easily in my purse.

    Medium size, and I use an organizer so that it's easy to change purses and to keep things where I can find them.

    Shoulder straps, but not long ones.

    I now carry basic essentials. I used to carry a small emergency kit that would make a boy scout proud, but now that my kids are older I'm not so paranoid about that.

    Things I always carry: a list of medications that I or family takes, including one that my DH is very allergic to. And pictures of my kids:)


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