Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Time for a Parade

One of our holiday traditions is
the Macy's Thanksgiving Day
Parade. It is one of my
favorite things about the
The 84th Macy's parade is
this Thursday beginning at
9 am on NBC.
Tom Turkey is the lead
act of the parade. But he
does get some help from
his friends.
15 large character balloons.
80-100 trained personnel
it takes to steer the largest
balloons down the parade
65 feet is the average height
in feet of the tallest balloons.
300-500 pounds is the
dead weight of each balloon
character, depending on
it's shape and size.
3 weeks is the amount
of time prior to the parade
that the balloons are unveiled
to Macy's staff.
12 feet is the height of the
caravan of balloons and floats
that parades through the
Lincoln Tunnel on Thanksgiving
Eve. The tunnel is shut down
to other traffic during the hour
and a half it takes to transport
the balloons and floats.
3 years is the time the parade
featured live animals from the
Central Park Zoo. But since
they scared a few, they didn't
make it past 1926.
1945 first TV appearance for
the parade.
1000+ cheerleaders
800 clowns running around
12 marching bands.
But the REAL headliner is
The Christmas season begins
for me, when I see Santa!!
Ho! Ho! Ho!
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Hi Melinda! first "Happy Thanksgiving". sorry i didn't go much on blogs these days, but i have health problems and go to hospital often at the moment. Hope you're fine .Hugs Catherine.(i like Macy's, so it in New York!)

  2. Girl, thanks for all the stats on the parade. Oh how I love a good parade!!! I'll be too busy to watch tomorrow~tied in the kitchen.

    After the clan leaves the grandkiddos are stayin' for a sleepover. Woohoo...am I nuts or what???

    Have the best day sweetie!!!

  3. It's all about Thanksgiving right now, isn't it? I am taping the Macy's Parade so that I don't miss any of it in case I am too busy and forget in the morning.

    I'm really feeling like blogging now that it's cold outside.

    Take care and Happy THanksgiving. God bless.

  4. Fun post. I know folks are lining up for a good spot for the parade less than a mile from here... But it's so warm and cozy in the house. I've got cranberries cooking and am about to make a big pot of coffee. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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