Saturday, November 27, 2010

Handy Helps...

Today I'd like to share with you some of things I do or use to help out around our house. See these circles? They have been cut out of shelf liner. You know the kind with the weave in them. The liner is the plastic stretchy kind found in the kitchen isle. I have made a set for my pots and pans to seperate them and keep them from scratching each other. I also made a set for my Springform pans. Two of my students use pieces I cut for them so they are not having to chase their lunch/snack dishes around the table. Works well for them too.
Do you have a bunch of
old washcloths lying
around? In the spirit
ecosaving, I have turned
mine into dust cloths for
upstairs and rags for the
garage. I mark my dust
cloths with a "D" and
the ones for the garage
with "G" that way when
they are washed they can
be seperated and put
away where they belong.
See the bald guy up there?
No, Ken is not in the picture....
This little creation has been
used so much in my kitchen
that I often wonder why it
wasn't created a looooooong
time ago.
The other day I was reading
where someone used one of
the sponges to clean their
white leather tennis shoes
so I am going to see how this
works out. I have no doubt
that Mr Clean will come
One more ecosaving
This is my part of our
closet---I keep most of
my shoe boxes (as long
as they are in good
shape.) Then I write on
the side of the lid which
shoe is in the box and
what year they were
purchased in.
Now, I realize that you
can buy those plastic shoe
boxes and make your closest
a little bit more organized
looking but I find this a great
way to organize my closet.
Hope one or more of these
are helpful to you.
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Great ideas. Haven't tried the "Mr. Clean" but am putting it on my next shopping list. Have a great rest of the weekend.

  2. Thanks--any household "help" is greatly appreciated!


  3. Great ideas. The Mr. Clean sponge works great on white woodwork and baseboards. I thought we needed to touch ours up with paint, but when I took the Mr. Clean sponge to it, it was as good as new.

  4. Great ideas! I haven't tried the Mr. Clean sponge but I'm gonna grab one! Thanks for the tip!

  5. LOVE Mr Clean sponges! You are so creative

  6. Oh baby, we can always use all the help we can get. I cut out felt circles to 'protect' my pots and pans. I started it years ago and was amazed how much longer it adds to the life of your pans!

    Now, just to let ya'll know I'm quite smitten with Mr. Clean, he's the bomb! Shhhhh, we won't tell Hubby! :o)

    Shoe boxes??? Ya know what a freak I am....I have the clear ones and still take a pic to put on the end of 'em. Yep, I'm sick...and proud of it!!! Heeehehehee!

    God bless ya sweetie and have a great week!!! I remember how many projects we had goin' in the Special Ed. room this time of year! :o)

  7. thanks for the tips...i love household ideas

  8. Love all this! I am a clean freak, too :)
    I use the woven shelf liner for pup and kittie water and food bowls. It helps to keep them from sliding around on the floor! And every few days I pitch them in the washer! (not the pups and kitties!)They wssh up great-yes, I am frugal too!

    "See the bald guy up there?
    No, Ken is not in the picture...."

    LOL! This cracked me up!
    xo, misha

  9. Wow, you are so organized!I also reuse shoe boxes and right on them.. I have used the Mr. clean white pads and they seem to fall apart on me..maybe I'm scrubbing to hard..LOL
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  10. I love Mr. Clean but he does wear down paint too quickly ... tho works fabulously on tennis shoes. Love your 'hints' ... all help appreciated.

    Laughing about Ken ... you are too funny.

    You asked I believe about my signature TTFN ~

    TTFN in England means Ta Ta For Now

    One day this brilliant light went on for me
    to use TTFN for
    Thank Thy Father Now, & it has been been permanent signature since. I love it ...

    Hope you had a lovely holiday celebration.
    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  11. I'm finally getting caught up on my reading! I never thought to mark my old towels so I would know which ones I was using as rags. When my husband takes the stuff out of the dryer he puts all the washcloths in the bathroom, then I have to sort through them before I take a shower to make sure I'm not taking a shower with a yucky rag. Good idea!

  12. Hi Melinda. Good ideas...I especially love where you actually mark your dust cloths, etc. It's incredibly simple, but I never thought of doing it! Thanks!


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