Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Special Day

Image from Google Today is National Scrapbooking Day. National Scrapbooking Day was started in 1994 by Creative Memories and is celebrated on the first Saturday in May. Over the past decade scrapbooking has been the nation's fastest growing hobby. Much time and money is spent "scrapbooking" today. There are many stores devoted to the hobby and most craft stores have whole departments dedicated to it. But what about all the scrapbooks of the past? You know--the ones that had the paper inside and the front and back covers were tied together. These held newspaper articles, cards, pictures, ticket stubs and other things that we held on to to remember a certain event(s) in our lives.
Ken's Mom was one of those Mom's who put
together books for each of her children. The two
pictured above are the one's that Janie made for
Ken. The red one was made from birth to five
and the brown one was made through grade
school. As you can see from the picture below,
Janie kept all the cards that were received when
he was born and then she put them is this book.
I had several of these type books myself but mine
were "goobered" up in a house fire. (before Ken)
I was able to save a lot of the things in them though.
Now we have all the "fancy stuff " to make scrapbooks.
All the products are "scrapbooking " safe, so nothing
gets ruined. Most paper and clear paper sleeves are
acid free. We still have the picture corners to hold
pics, there are all types of glue, glitter and other
"blingy stuff" for scrapbooking.
I have good intentions where this hobbie is con-
cerned but I tend to let myself get waaaaaaay
overwhelmed and then I don't finish what I start.
I have managed to make two that can be added
to . One is in the picture below--it is our engage-
met/wedding/5 , 10, year anniversary book.
I have also made one for Ken's birthdays.
(forgot to get a picture :( )
The picture below shows layouts involving
our dating and then getting "the ring".
Which with much duress on Ken's part
was found in the bottom of my Easter
Most people use a theme when making a book.
Some are: births/birthdays, adoptions, school
years, sports, holidays, vacations, special events
and much, much more.
If you are a scrapbooker--Enjoy the day!
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Welcome back!

    Suuuper post! I loved this.

    I too get overwhelmed with the "new" style of scrapbooking. I was such an avid scrapbooker as a child; saving all of my awards and medals from piano recitals to writing contests. I was so sad to learn that your scrapbooks got ruined by a house fire, but glad to hear that you were able to salvage some of those sweet childhood memories!

    I think, to help me catch up, I am going to do the Shutterfly or Snap Fish "books" that you can create where you just drop in pics and add text; otherwise I will NEVER get the first 5 years of Mary's life scrapbooked as well as Ben and Baby #3!

    Glad you're back to blogging! We've missed you,


  2. I don't scrap book however, I do like all of the scrap booking goodies. I use them in other ways like when I make banners, cards,etc. I wish I had scrap booked and saved a lot of memories. Take care and thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always good to hear from you!

  3. I love the scrap book stores but I generally use them for making cards...My pictures are just way to overwhelming for me to even consider...I have made a baby book for each of the kids and them I stopped!
    Sorry you lost memories in a fire. My husband's home also burned and we have only two snapshots of him under age 14.

  4. I have never paper scapped in my life... but I found digital scrapbooking 3½ years ago and was totally hooked. Loved it so much I became a designer... it does NOT bring in loads of money but I have so much fun.

    Happy Scrapping Day to you! Thank you for sharing your memories with us!

  5. Ohhh Melanie, now I know why I felt like scrapping yesterday.
    My mom used to keep photo abulms filled with my old report cards, birthday, etc.. one of these days I am going to pretty them up. : )
    Happy May.

  6. Oh, I have an old card scrapbook that looks just like yours. Hats off to National SB day.!

  7. man I wish i could afford to be a scrapbooker lol

  8. Hi Melinda!

    Thanks for dropping by! As far as the future...Mary says that she wants to play soccer in the Fall and is sad that the season is over (mama's not though! shhhh!)

    Not sure what we are going to do about dance...I was originally planning on having her continue dance at the local community center, but it seems that most in her age group have dropped out and so the 6-9 year old class was cancelled.

    I really want her to continue with ballet so I guess we will consider studio lessons. *sigh* More driving (into Lenexa) and more money. But she really does love dance, even more so than soccer.

    The other things she is great at are art and math. She's very spatial (I always think of you as a Special Ed teacher); loves numbers, logic puzzles, 100+ piece puzzles, estimation, and drawing! I looked into art lessons, but it was recommended that the study of formal art not occur until later. It's all about the process at this age. Might see what the Nelson has to offer in the way of hands-on activities this summer.

    Take care,

  9. i like scrap booking and i have already done three books.It's a nice way to keep photos , and to look at them at the same time !

  10. Happy Scrap Day! I love old scrap books with old cards. I have one too!

  11. I have old scrap books with shower cards and baby pics that my mom put together. I keep sayin' someday I'm gonna organize them in new books. Guess I need to take some action!

    God bless ya and have a super day!!!

    Bet the countdown is on at school! :o)


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