Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Dreaded Hospital

Well folks, I have to tell you that "The Boy"
is in the hospital. Without going into ALL the
details I'll just say that he has a blood clot
from the groin to his ankle in his left leg
and his kidneys are misbehaving too.
You go to the ER for one thing and you get
more than you bargain for.
He is doing ok-- still a little fearful of the
outcome but trying to stay positive--I really
think both issues are manageable and that
he'll be home Thursday as they predicted.
I really hate brining this to you but I know
you will help us get through this trying time.
Please say a little prayer for us. We'd really
appreciate it. :)
I won't be in as much but I'll keep you
Thanks so much!
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I am thinking of you and praying for you as you go through the next few days. Hope Mr KEn is OK.

  2. i hope Mr Ken will be better soon !i will be thinking of you. Please send him my best wishes for a quik recovery!!! hugs to you both catherine

  3. Oh my goodness I sure will say a prayer for Mr. Ken!!! My husband was in and out of the hospital a couple of years ago and I know just how you are feeling---the fear of the unknown can be really overwhelming. I hope he can come home soon!!! I look forward to HAPPY updates :)

  4. My prayers are with you and Mr Ken!! I hope he is home soon. Let us know if you need anything.

  5. Saying prayers for you and Mr. Ken. Tell him to get better soon. You take care, too! :)

  6. What?!!! Oh no...poor Mr. Ken.

    I will definitely be keeping the two of you in my thoughts and prayers.

    BTW...I did get your email...just needed to get through the crazy last week/weekend of school and PreK graduation on Monday. Whew...! I'll respond soon.


  7. Thinking of you. Hope your hubby has a speedy recovery.

  8. You're both in my prayers...Ken for a clean recovery and you for strength. Keep the faith.

  9. aww hang in there! He will be home as good a s new.

  10. Oh Melinda! My best to you and Ken that all works out well. I'll keep an eye out for progress.

    Bless you both,


  11. So sorry to hear this. Best wishes to Mr. Ken! Twyla

  12. I'm sending up prayers for you both. Hugs too.

  13. Blessings and prayers to both of you. Hope he is home and healthy soon. Stella

  14. I am so sorry! My husband was in the ER twice this past month, although now he is fine. I will say a prayer for you and him. I know it is an unsettling time.

  15. Oh no! Poor Mr. Ken! Poor you! How did this happen? OK, reading ahead. Oh no! Sending prayers your way.

  16. Oh girl, I sure hated to hear this....readin' on here to get the rest of the story.


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