Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sale of the Century...NOT :)

Today was a beautiful Spring day full of sunshine and a wind from the wild side. But it beat all the rain we've had over the last few weeks. Our neighborhood had their Spring garage sales. Ken and I decided to get rid of some of the stuff we had that was just hanging out here. At 7:15 am after being up late last night setting up we got moving --setting the wheels in motion for our sale. The madness began at 8:30 ish when we opened the garage door. I remember to take pictures after our "power lunch" from McDonald's---you can see our drinks in the picture above. :) Of course that would be the time EVERYONE would decide to stop by.
A couple of pictures showing the layout of our sale.
We were lucky enough to be outside all day and
have a nice amount of shade to hang out in while
waiting for customers. The coffee table (see below)
sold and Ken was so excited since no one looked
at it the last time we had a sale.
The best part was that a young couple bought it
for their new apartment which the ink was barely
dry on the contract. It's always nice when you
know your stuff will be appreciated!
Here we have the main "sale dude" complete
with his pink wool cap and loofa. This was his
acctracting customers ensemble. Now if you
were driving by, you would stop if you saw him?
New sale strategy--"Fill a bag for $5.00. We had
one taker. Ken does the hat better than I--I think.
All in all it was a productive day. We made a little
"fun money" and got rid of a few things.
Now all we have to do is bag it up and get it ready
for the charity truck to pick up on Monday. The
sale coordinator set this up for those of us who
were in giving our leftovers to charity. One less
thing for us to do. YEA!
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Fill a bad for $5. I love it. Great idea.
    The yard sale dude was sure to pull in the shoppers! I would have stopped for that pink Loofa pom pom for sure!
    Enjoy your fun money.

  2. you've been busy! i love to do that, but here you have to take youir stuff to a place to sell not in front of your house.Enjoy your fun money , i agree with leslie!

  3. I would totally have stopped when I saw the dude in the pink hat! He is cute! And your new picture in the overalls is cute, too! Glad your day was fun! It's neat when someone buys something they are really excited about! Happy Sunday! Did you get a maid to come in and clean the house with the profits so you can lounge around being a lady of leisure!'s he liking the new job?

  4. Yard sales are so hard to predict aren't they? Very hit or miss. I always do so-so. Glad you had a nice day with sunshine and fun.

  5. I love going to yard sales. I like the bag idea too. Hope you made some nice extra spending money.

  6. That hat rocks. :) I hope you kept it!

  7. Ken looks absoultely adorable! Sorry we didn't make it over. The daughter made a whole weekend of hanging out in Pittrsburg, and still hasn't graced us with her presence! Glad you were able to get some things cleaned out. Now that you are an expert, you can come help us! :) Kiddin'!

    Hugs, Nancy

  8. Now, I think you should have dressed Ken in ALL pink to bring in the people! I'm sure he was just dying to do that too! LOL

    It's nice to meet nother "Diann" (I got the name from my mom. this is her middle name). thanks for dropping by for a visit!


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