Monday, April 26, 2010

A Return...

Hello---I'm BAAAACK! Thanks again to EVERYONE for the nice comments and thoughts. We really did appreciate them! It was nice to have a break from blogging-I think we put to much pressure on ourselves to "post" something incredible each time and I find that to stress me a little toooo much cause blogging is supposed to be fun right? Now for today's post we will have a little "SHOW and TELL." I want to show YOU what I made on Sunday. Ken and I are cleaning and organizing our garage since it somehow got out of control. In the midst of said cleaning and organizing I decided that I needed a new table cover for my potting table. So............

Here is the before picture--I had a covering with flowers and ladybugs on it.

And.....Here is the new covering that I made!

TA DA!!!!!!!! Here is my newly covered and
organized potting table! I'm very pleased with
it and I'll tell you a little secret--READY????
I didn't do ANY MEASURING!!!!!!
Now I'm ready to start planting flowers.
~ Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Hey there Melinda. Good to see you again.

    And by the way...a potting table? That looks fancy enough to be in the house!! Nice job. :)

    Only 40 more school days for us, about 240 hours, but who's counting, right?

  2. Welcome back, Melinda! I agree, we need to take a break now and then.

    I love the potting table! What a great idea. I need to do something like that. It just makes so much sense, instead of dragging everything out to the back porch. Why didn't I think of that?

  3. I was just wishing today that I had a potting table! What a pleasure it must be too have a special spot for planning.


  4. Oh honey, that looks more like a party table than a pottin' table. It's just too dang pretty to pot on.

    So glad your back. I tried to comment the other day and blogger didn't like me.

    God bless ya and have a wonderful Wednesday!!!

  5. So, so, so glad you're back...I understand needing a break but, still, I missed you!! I agree with Nezzy, looks more like a party table. Of course, you probably make gardening as fun as a party, so it's appropriate!

  6. What a pretty table you made. I can't wait to see what your first project will be on the table. I admire people that sew...I just don't. No stitches are is just sad. Your things turn out so beautifully.

  7. I wish i had a potting table, the cover is well done, i like the colors.Yes blogging becomes somites tyring i will make a pose this summer I think so.Have a nice week end Melinda, nice to have you back.Hugs catherine

  8. Melinda, IF EVER my potting area looked this good, I shock myself! Lovely ...

    Have a great weekend.
    TTFN ~ Hugs of love, Marydon

  9. I just put a new cover on my potting table too! But, I am not talented like you...I had to buy mine :(
    Welcome Back!!!!

    So glad to hear Ken is enjoying his new position. I have learned over the past two years that NO job is forever. Right?! When J and I came to Tn five years ago, he had a position waiting. A year ago it was no more. He is now back in school fulltime.
    Life changes and ya gotta roll with it! (it sucks being a grown-up!)

    Have a great weekend! xo, misha

  10. I never thought of making a pretty table covering for my gardening table. Great idea with fun colors.

  11. I'm glad you had such a good blog-cation! I love that you made a beautiful cover for your gardening table! You are very clever. And it's a double dose of happy for you...lovely covering, lovely plants!

    Have a relaxing weekend!

  12. HHMMM....some nice ideas you have given to me....

    Take care-

  13. Lovely covering for a potting table ... but I would be hesitant to pot up on it for fear it might get dirty. Did you use up scraps of material?


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