Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Yummies

There's nothing better than summer produce. It all tastes soooo good. Mr. Ken and I stopped at this farmstand while we were out and about. The family running the stand was very nice and so was their produce. We bought some sweet corn yum , peaches yum ---these will grilled with a little butter and sugar. I also picked up a pretty bulb of garlic. As I said earlier--- there's nothing like it. I am proudly showing the world my very own tomatoes! This was our first year to grow tomatoes and I am hooked! Here is Mr. Ken showing off his corn crop for the year. As with the tomatoes this was the first year for the corn. Let me tell you it was DELISH!!!!!!!! Enjoy the goodness our gardens give us . ~Keep on Dreaming~

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  1. Grilled peaches....sound like heaven, especially with a scoop of some good vanilla ice cream! This time of year is heaven with the Farmer's market and all the wonderful produce, but I agree, the best is when you grow it yourself!


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