Thursday, April 26, 2018

A-Z Crafts


W--Wearable Art

Who would have know there was
an actual category for this? I
thought I was making it up. :)

According to Wikipedia, this is
"Artwear or art to wear."
These are individually designed
pieces of (usually) handmade clothing
or jewelry created as fine or expressive
art. The term "wearable art" implies
that the work is intended to be accepted
as a serious and unique artistic creation
or statement.

Wearable artists use a variety medium
in their creations. Fabric or other fiber
pieces are used as materials made
from non fiber pieces ie: leather,
plastic, metal, sheeting etc.

Information listed above is from Wiki-
pedia, if you want to read more on this
art form check out the rest of this article
and others listed when you Google
"Wearable Art."

As I said above I thought I made up this 
category due to the fact that I could not
find too many crafts that began with W.

When I thought about it, I was thinking
decorated T-shirts, jewelry etc. But
what I read was interesting, again who


X is up but I have nothing for it
so  Y will be the post for Saturday.

~Keep on Dreaming~ 


  1. I love seeing designs like this. I'm so not creative when it comes to this, and it amazes me what others will think up.

    1. They are very interesting to say the least. Imagination in action.

      M : )

  2. One of the local artists in the county I live does wearable art. It is always interesting to see what she comes up with, but other than some of the painted sneakers, it isn't me.

    1. Would be fun to see.
      I used to do t-shirts with Puff paints back in the day.
      My shirt for Halloween was the emoji with sunglasses that I painted. Nothing like this though.

      M : )

  3. One of my daughter's friends made a prom dress out of duct tape. seriously. And crazy enough, it was the hit of the show.

    I'm thinking x stands for all of the crafts that we X up. The fails. hahaha. I have had plenty of those.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. I remember a few of those.
      For awhile some were making
      purses out of Capri Sun Juice bags too.
      I like your X idea :)

      M : )


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