Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wednseday Write Up -a day late


Good Morning!

Well, I am a day late, Summer break
has thrown me off a bit in a good way.
So let's  get on with the catching up!

We have had more strange weather .
One evening last week we had a rain
storm out  of the blue. Just started
raining and raining THEN the sun
came out!


and we had a RAINBOW in the midst
of this storm. We were able to see both


It was so fun to see each side of the
rainbow!As Mr. Ken is driving , I am
giving directions on where to go, It
felt like we were "Rainbow Chasers."

As you know we went Strawberry
pickin'. My thought was to make
jam but we had a family day coming
up so I made Drizzle for the Ice Cream
Bar. I was so proud that it came out
yummy the first time!


We had a bit left over so I had it on toast.
Oh my!!


Family Day at my sister-in-law's.

Bubble time!!

Look close in the cloud and you will see
the bubble.

Toppings for the ice cream. I cut up
different candy bars.

Plus Chocolate Syrup and Strawberry

Summer reading is in full force, not
on the grass though but still going.
What are you reading??

Our neighborhood is having their
annual summer sale so I toodled
off to some yesterday.

Picked these babies up for  $1 a piece!
Will be adding them to my Gooseberry
Cookbook collection.


I also got this. As you can see it is for
cards. I am probably one of the last
people to send cards but I think they
brighten a person's day, especially
when they don't expect it.
I didn't pay $6.95 for it either.

It came with 12 folders and three free
cards. I have a shorter one but it fills up
fast when I buy cards ahead of time so
this one will be a bit better.
Picked up some some stuff for school
and got a couple for things for Mr. Ken 

Here is a sneak peak of our deck. We
had dinner out there two nights ago.
It was a great night for grillin' and

That is it for now...come by on Monday
to see my Misc. Monday post.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Melinda, what a wonderful idea to have a family day! / I have plenty of books stacked up to read but this summer I am spending too much time in the garden and outside and not reading. I'm more of a winter reader (by the fireplace). / I like the card box! Mine is almost empty, too, so I must refill it this weekend. /Pretty deck! Enjoy your grillin this summer!

    1. We do enjoy family day.
      I am going to a book sale in the morning---it is a fundraiser for our public library system plus on Saturdays it is half price!
      Time in the garden is good too. I read more in the summer with school out.
      I am glad there are still some of us who send cards it seems like it has gotten lost like a lot of things.
      We use our deck a lot when it is not too hot--thanks!

      Have a great weekend.

      M : )

  2. Family Day looked like a lot of fun. I still send cards; it is one of my favorite pastimes. Your deck looks very nice; know you enjoy it.

    Have you read Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury? It is about a young man with autism. While it is fiction, I thought it was well written. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. We do make the most of family day for sure!
      Yes, we do love our deck, eating out there and sitting out there in the evening our two of our faves.
      No I have not read that book--sounds interesting, I'll have to look for it.

      Have a great weekend too!

      M : )

  3. I sorry I haven't visited in awhile. My Mom has been really sick. Helping care for her and my grand child seems like a never ending job plus
    working at the library. I love those cookbooks the graphics are so cute. A buck was a steal :) Have a Happy Summer!

    1. No problem...sorry to hear about your Mom. Hope things change for the better soon.
      Yes, I do love a good Gooseberry cookbook.

      Take care.

      M : )

  4. Love the ice cream bar. That would be my first stop on the food table. I'm a card sender, too, but I need to be better organized with mine. You're inspiring me.

    1. The ice cream bar was a hit for sure!
      Glad that someone else still send cards. that is what friends are for --- inspiration.

      M : )


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