Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Wednesday Write Up


We had a staff silent auction at school
today and I made Easter buckets. One
for a boy and one for a girl. There
were lost of fun things in each bucket.


Here they are all dolled up. Of course,
after the picture was taken I put little
"To and From" cards on each one.
A pink one on the girl bucket and
a blue one on the boy bucket.
When I left school, the boy bucket had
one bid and the girl bucket had one bid
and a counter bid. We see what the
outcome was tomorrow, bidding was
open until 3:30.
Fun times. I will find out if I had the
winning bid on the "Office basket" that
I and one of the girls I work with directly
were bidding on.

I will be joining the fun at A to Z
Blogging for their annual blogging
challenge. It begins April 1st and
runs through the end of the month.
There will be three days without
posts. The 2nd, 9th and 16th.
My theme will be Famous Women.
So stop by frequently in the month
of April. You never know what you
might find out!!

Wednesday Write Up will resume
in May.

Hope everyone is doing well.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. How cute those buckets are! I hope you win the office bucket;) Looking forward to your April posts. Women's history is one of my favorite topics.

    1. Letter A post will be up in the morning!

      My baskets did well and I got the one I bid on too.
      They were so fun to make.

      Have a fab weekend.

      M : )

  2. Your buckets are adorable. Hope you win the Office bucket! I look forward to your A to Z posts this year. Enjoy your weekend, Melinda.

    1. Such fun I had with the baskets!
      They did well in the auction.

      Letter A post will be up in the morning!

      Enjoy your weekend.

      M : )


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