Sunday, February 28, 2016


As they say on Facebook:
Feeling sad. 

I have noticed recently
that some of my Followers 
have left the fold here at 

I realize that I have been 
away a bit more than usual 
but life seems to be some-
thing I live. Yes, Facebook has
taken me away from blogging 
more but most of it has been 
living a busy life. School, colds-
both Mr. Ken and I, a respiratory 
infection--me and all of the various 
other things I could list have taken 
me from blogging.

SO, I want to take a moment to 
THANK all of you who are still
hanging in there with me. I do
appreciate it A LOT!!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I think there's a lot of ebb and flow when it comes to commenting on blogs. I do it myself and I notice it on my blog, too. Life gets busy, as you said. I always enjoy stopping by here, Melinda, although sometimes my visits are sporadic:)

  2. Melinda, I will write you a note about the loss of readers, don't worry, it is NOT YOU... it's a Blogger algorithym.

  3. Your stuck with me..hehehe
    Hope you have a great week. Wish I knew how to change those backgrounds and borders like you do. Love it!

    1. Great!
      Mr. Ken does it for me, but the site has intrusions on how to do it.
      Thanks again.

      M :)

  4. My numbers have dropped too..... In my case, it's probably because I have not been as faithful to blogging as I once was. So many of my blogging friends are on FB and I am able to catch up with them there.....but it still isn't the same as blogging. I have temporarily lost my motivation and it is very discouraging when your followers fall off and the comments become almost insignificant. We just need to keep on trudging on.....have a great day my friend.

    1. Thanks,so true.
      I don't like to post the same things on both-it is too repetitious I think.

      Enjoy your week, my friend.

      M :)


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