Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Vacation Hightlights

Last Wednesday we went on a 
Free Public Tour of the 
Boulevard Brewing Company.

Brewery production and new 

In a turn of the century brick 
building on the Historic South-
west Blvd., a vintage Bavarian 
brewhouse was installed in 1988 
with the mission to "produce fresh 
flavorful beer using the finest 
ingredients and the best of both old 
and new brewing techniques. 
Production began fully in 1989.

The Brewery offers three types of tours. 
The Free Public Tour and Tasting which 
is first come first served. Arrive early! 
The Smokestack Tour and Tasting by 
reservation only, focuses on the Smoke-
stack Series Brew-"a bigger, bolder and 
higher alcohol content brew."
The Unfiltered Tour by reservation only,
this tour goes more in depth into the 
brewery and it's production.
Plus they have 3 event spaces to rent for
weddings. receptions, meetings etc.

Are you ready?

Tickets for the 11:00 tour.

I'd like to introduce Bob--our tour 

The famous Smokestack.
Bob told us that back in the day
this used to be a laundry facility
for the railroad.

On the way up the stairs.

A look

inside the

brewery production line.
Boulevard is best known
for their Unfiltered Wheat 
Beer, which is what is on 
the line in the pic.

Not everyday that on finds their maiden 
name on a beer poster.

Jazz and beer go together just right

for Kansas City. This was taken from
their beautiful patio.

Guess who? Getting really good
at the "Selfie thing."

Part of the tour is a tasting of two
beers each. They had a board 
with a number of brews available 
for that days tasting.
They were pretty good but not at
all used to drinking beer at 11:45
in the morning.

Fun place to tour. If you are in KC
check it out.

Friday we will finish with the
Vacation Highlights.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. That sounds like fun! I'm not sure I could start drinking that early, but hey, you're on vacation :)

    1. I really just sipped.
      We actually left some!

      M : )

  2. Microbrews are huge in Colorado. We love trying different brews. Sounds like a great time.


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