Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy Monday !

Did you have a great 4th?

Ours was full of fun! We 

went to a Fireworks Show 
Friday evening and to quote 
the little boy sitting near me 
" It was Fabulous!"

The 4th dawned bright and 

sunny, so off to the town 
parade we went with our 
good friends Nancy and 
Danny. Nancy blogs 
occasionally at Acorn 

Lots of cool old cars and 


The "Louie Louie Band" kept 

us moving.

The Shriner's entertained the 

kids--big and little.

Cute little dancers.

As always the Renaissance Festival 

crew put on a great show as they 
moved through the parade route. 
Love them!
We really enjoy the "small town 
feel" of our parade.

For Maker Monday--

I bought this metal container

at a garage sale, it had a mini
grape arrangement in it and I
took that out and put in the 
flags. Simple but I really liked
it on our front door.

Tune in tomorrow and we 

will finish our tour of the
Cowboy Museum in 
Oklahoma City.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. It's sounds like a great fourth for you! I just stayed home and read a book. Bah hum bug I

  2. You played it safe, which is good.
    What book are you reading?

    M : )

  3. Nothing better than small town celebrations of July 4th!


  4. Looks like you had a great 4th! I love the container on your door. It looks fun & festive with the flags & I bet it will be easy to change them out for the other seasons/holidays if you want.

    1. Yes we did!
      I was so excited when I spotted that
      container, I grabbed it really fast.

      Hope your holiday was great. So
      good to see you.

      M : )

  5. I love small town parades ~~ our town has one in September during our annual festival. I really like the container and flags for your front door! You'll have lots of fun with it, I'm sure, filling it up for different seasons.

    Thanks for your sweet comment. We've both been blessed by parents who shared their love of books.

    I'm going to check out your post on the cowboy museum. Our good friends are moving to Oklahoma soon, so we'll be making a trip down there.

    1. Yes, parades are fun and I will have a lot of fun with my container for sure!
      Books, books, books gotta love them.

      Make sure you check out Part One on June 16th. Part Two is coming up. Your friends will like will going through the museum. Where in Oklahoma are they moving to?

      M :)

  6. Got to love small town parades. I think they are the Best! Glad you all celebrated all the fun!

  7. I love your front door decoration! Did you ever make a decision???


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