Monday, March 23, 2015

Fun Times

Good Morning!

On Saturday Mr. Ken and I 
went downtown to the Greater 
Kansas City Home Show.

This cute design was created 

by the Kansas City Water 
Garden Society. Check out 
the green bottles. A fun way
to use those colored bottles.

A small tribute to the Wizard of 

Oz. Toto is so cute. Don't look 
now but his house has landed on 
the witch!

Aren't they GORGEOUS!!! 

One of the many displays by  
local landscaping companies.

Beautiful Tulips. Don't you 

love the star compass on the 
back wall?

Now on to the REAL reason 

for going to the Home Show.  
Do you watch HGTV? Silly 
question? One of our favorite 
shows is Fixer UpperWhen I 
heard the the stars from this
show were coming to town I 
was ECSTATIC !!! 
Plans were made immediately 
to go to the show. As you sorta 
can see from the above picture 
that oh so many made the same 
plans. There were
so many people waiting to see 
the stars, there was no way that 
I could get a crowd shot AND we 
stood for 2 hours because NO ONE
would get out of their chairs that
they were in since 10 a m!
Here they come!! Chip and Joanna

Chip and Joanna are the stars of 

Fixer Upper--a family choose one 
of three houses that the duo find 
and then with the help of the family's
suggestions, needs and wants they
"fix it up" and we the viewer get
to watch it unfold. They do a 
spectacular job. Both are so
knowledgeable in their respective

It was so refreshing to see that they

are the same in person as they are 
on the show. So down to Earth.
They talked to the audience about
how they met, built their family (they 
have four cute kids and many animals
on their farm), merged their businesses 
and developed their show.
Chip is a contractor by trade and 
Joanna built her design business
early in their marriage. They own
Magnolia Homes-- their renovation 
company and Magnolia Market
a retail store and online company.
Plus many other projects including 
their show.
In the words of one from the audience
"It was like seeing your favorite
Rock band!!!"

Another fun activity at the show 

was the "Photo Bus," a Kansas 
City based company that took a  
vintage VW  bus and turned it 
into a photo booth!! Such a fun 

Hop in , take the button, use the 

props and in no time four pics are 
taken and you are on your way. A 
lot of fun! One can rent the bus for 
any occasion. 
Wouldn't this be fun at a wedding 
reception or graduation.

More fun! Big kid, big teepe.

The landscaping companies did a 

beautiful job with all the displays
don't you think?

Fun, fun, fun.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. That is a sure sign of spring! I've watched their show a few times and love it.


    1. Yes, Spring was in attendance for sure!

      We do enjoy it!

      M : )

  2. Okay, I went yesterday and was so far away that none of my pictures came out, so at least you got pictures! I could hardly hear them... at least I got to read the article in the morning paper :-)

    1. Sounds like your session was packed too!
      The sound system must have been on the fritz,
      sorry you couldn't hear them.

      Someone underestimated the needed space for them for sure!

      M : )

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful time at the show!

  4. Fun! I would love to go to one of those. My dh can't wait to get out to his garden. :)

    1. So much fun! I agree with your husband.

      M : )

  5. oh now.....this looks like my kind of fun. I so enjoy going to things like this... and just to think, you got to see the STARS. how awesome!!!

    1. Let me tell you, I was so beyond excited!
      We had a ball.

      M : )

  6. Melinda, thanks for posting about the home show! It sounded like so much fun! I love Fixer Upper, too!

    1. It was a blast!
      They truly are as fun in person as
      they are on the show.

      M :)


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