Sunday, November 17, 2013

Something Different

Sunday Savor has
arrived. So pull up
a chair and relax.

Beginning today and
as I post this week, I
will be posting recipes
that can be used for the
Thanksgiving holiday.


Here are two ideas for
using a carton of Butter-
nut Squash Soup.

Squash Cornbread

Prepare and bake a box
of cornbread mix as
label directs, replacing
liquid with an equal
amount of soup. Serves 6

**The cornbread could go
into your stuffing if you

Squash Mashed Potatoes

Bring four medium Yukon
Gold potatoes (peeled and
cubed) and six cups of water
to boil.
Simmer for 15 minutes or
until tender.
Mash with four tablespoons
of butter, one cup of soup
and a half teaspoon of salt.
**This recipe serves 4 so
for Thanksgiving you would
probably need to at least
double the recipe. Maybe
even triple it!


~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I'm looking forward to your week of recipes...I've never thought of using butter nut squash soup to enhance the flavors of a meal....thanks for sharing.

    1. You just never know what I might come
      upon you share with my friends.

      M : )

  2. Can you believe I've never tasted butternut squash soup??? I'm thinking that a great place to start "experimenting" with these Fall flavors would be in recipes like the cornbread and mashed potatoes! Recipes sound delicious! Thanks for the birthday wishes for my boy! Hugs.

    1. If you try these , let me know.
      Ken is a fan of squash. Me not so much.

      I hope Ben had a great day!

      M :)

  3. Hey, putting the squash soup into the cornbread is a good idea!


Thanks! Hope you enjoyed today's post. Come back soon.

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