Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

Last Sunday I went to a
Quilt show held by the
Starlight Quilters Guild
of Johnson County Kansas.
There were over 75 items
on display! Some were
very intricate.

There were small quilts.

This little cutie was
for sale. As were
those surrounding it.

A whole wall to feast
one's eyes on.

Lots and lots of
large size quilts.

The one above was made
by a grandmother for her
grandaughter who loves
ballet. Grandma "borrowed"
the quilt for the show.

There was also a
quilting demo going
on for the Quilts of
Valor. By the end of
the day the guild had
planned to start and
finish a quilt for this
important orgaization.
Quilts of Valor provide
our veterans with healing
and comforting quilts.
Another way of saying
"Thanks, for you service."

There were also small
quilts on display that
would be going to Project
Linus. (Sorry no pics)
Project Linus is a non-
profit organization that
donates handmade
blankets to children in
hospitals, shelters, social
service agencies and any-
where a child needs a big
The Starlight Guild accepts
all styles of blankets-
quilts, tied comforters,
fleece blankets, knitted
and crocheted ones too.
What a great way to spend
a couple of hours!
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. That would have been a lovely show to see. I love the quilts that are like little postcard paintings. Such intricate detail in them. Have a great day. Tammy

  2. What a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Those quilts are just lovely and two great sounding organizations! Have a great day!

  3. Gorgeous!! I love them all. I would be broke leaving that show!

  4. I love quilts--to sleep under or hang on the wall. What a beautiful show.


  5. Hi Melinda..
    Wow! What beautiful quilts!
    Such talent, and many hours of hard work went into each one.
    Thanks for sharing..

    Enjoy this beautiful day.

    Warm wishes..

  6. SQG has been donating to Project Linus for years and years. And I think it's so wonderful that they made a quilt for Quilts of Valor this year. Where was it held this year? It used to be held in the Shawnee Indian Mission during their fall festival... but the floors in your pictures aren't wood, so they must have a new location. (I belonged to that guild for a while... but then a growing family took over most or ALL of my spare time.)

  7. Hi, these are so beautiful. I have quilting friends and I'm in awe of their skills and art form, and their desire to give back to people in need. Thanks for the lovely post.

  8. Goodness...these quilts are so pretty...
    My heart sure has a big place for quilts. I've always wanted to learn how to quilt...maybe someday.

  9. What pretty quilts! I can only imagine the time & love that went into creating them.

  10. I love going to quilt shows. There are lots of great quilt shows in Pennsylvania where my sister lives. Big ones. The quilts are so fantastic! I've done some small kids quilts but nothing like the ones at a quilt show. Amazing. I like the snowman quilt! Thanks for posting those quilts. Now I want to go to a quilt show. I usually end up buying fabric I don't need. :) Linda

  11. What a fun time! They are gorgeous! My mother used to make quilts and it always amazed me with the needlework. Thanks for sharing!

  12. How fun, we went to a quilt museum once in Kentucky. It was awesome. I love the flag quilt.

  13. Oh fun! I forgot all about the show...I haven't made it to my local (Eudora) quilt guild meeting since last July! :( (Life is challenging with 3 kiddos and a daddy who works 24-hour shifts! Just this season of my life, right?)

    Anyway, I love that ballerina quilt...adorable! Also, my former teaching colleague (she was a ESL teacher with Olathe before staying home) is a huge supporter of QOV. She has made tons of them...each one more beautiful than the last! Such a noble cause!


  14. All terrific. Wish I had some craft skills. Alas, I am not good at sewing, knitting etal. Thanks for your prayers!


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