Monday, October 15, 2012

Pumpkin Fun

I bought this little delight at the
Dollar Tree. It is one of those
faux ones that you can carve or

Before I started on it, I covered
everything with newspaper. I
stuck a dowel in the bottom and
then used a overturned flowerpot
to stick the other end of the dowel
in. THEN...with reckless abandon
I painted it!

I used this fun stuff! Glitter
Spray--my new best friend.
I want EVERY color.
Some user observations:
Must use outside.

Don't spray on a windy day.
Don't paint in good clothes or
they will get a little blingy.

Here is the final pretty!

Some other fun things to
do with pumpkins:
In the October 2012
Country Living magazine
they showed faux ones
painted, decals and stencils
were used on them.
Mod podge black lace on
them to look like vines or
cob webs---seal with a top
coat of mod podge.
For real pumkins:
Dip them into paint so that
only part of it is painted.
Tape off to make designs on
them--ie: Chevron.
In the October 2012 Family
Spray paint mini or small
pumpkins black and then
carve faces out.
We'll end there with this
pumpkin fun and have some
more tomorrow.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I really dislike Halloween, but I do look forward to carving the pumpkins - I've been seeing so many neat ideas that we're going to need a couple dozen of them just so that I can try everything!

  2. I love those little pumpkins!!! I commented on some in the pre~school Sunday School class thinkin' those babies were real. Much to my surprise...I was WRONG!!! I know...amazin' huh? Heeeheeheheh!

    I love the beautiful touch you gave yours. Kudos girl!

    God bless ya and enjoy this beautiful day...'cold front 'comin'!!!

  3. Oh, I love that, Melinda! I have just kryloned two items I bought recently... but I did not realize there was BLING!

  4. Such a neat idea and you really did a great job!!
    Makes it special when you dress things up yourself...makes it personal.


  5. Such a pretty little pumpkin! I do love that glitter blast spray!

  6. Very cute! I need to get some of that glitter spray!

  7. Glitter Spray?


    I'm in love!


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