Friday, January 6, 2012

Home Safety

Home Safety for 2012:
Inspect ALL electric cords.
Overloaded outlets are not
a good thing. Power fails to
get to it's source and then
your items don't work as they should. You may also
experience tripped circuit
breakers and damaged cords
can spark fires also.
Check behind your appliances,
entertainment centers, desks
etc. When in doubt use surge
Check for LEAKS in the kitchen,
bathrooms and laundry rooms.
If you catch a leak early you can
prevent damage and a deluge.
Reorganize your BASEMENT
Make sure all gas powered
tools are stored away from the
furnace pilot light or water heater.
I recommend that all left over gas
be emptied from these items and
any storage cans that may hold
gas or oil.
Fix the GATE/S in your yard so
they lock. You want to keep the
thieves out and the dogs in.
Loop a padlock through the hole
on the latch, so a key will be needed
to open the lock.
I recommend that you check all of
your windows on the lower level.
Make sure they are secure AND
locked at all times.
Change all BATTERIES in your smoke
detectors and make sure you have
fire extinguishers in strategic places.
We all know that a working detector
is better than on tha is not working.
If your remove the batteries for
Detecting fires early assist in minimal
damage later. I have been through a
fire (when I lived at home) and I'll
tell you-they are not fun!
I will also recommend getting one
detectors too. We have one in our bedroom and it talks to us. Not
helpful at 3:00 in the morning when
the battery is low but at least it woke
us up!
Leslie at "a spoonful of" did a post
yesterday on smoke detectors, if
you would like to check it out.
Let's have a safe and smart 2012!
~Keep on Dreaming~
+++image from Google
+++Information suggestions
from AAA magazine.


  1. Fess up girl, have ya been followin' me around??? Heeehehehe!!!

    Great advice, we can never be too safe.

    God bless ya sweetie and have wonderful weekend! :o)

  2. Great ideas. Need to check the outlets. Have a great weekend!

  3. Melinda, what great advice! Especially the carbon monoxide detectors! Happy New Year to you!

  4. Such an important reminder. Thank you. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Wonderful and practical list, Melinda! After all it is the "little things" ;) that trip us up.

    Funny story about our carbon monoxide detector...Chris was on-duty one Saturday night (prekids) and I woke up to hear this beeping sound. At first I thought it was a smoke detector, but when I investigated (in the dark) it wasn't. Went back to bed, but the chirping continued. Just as I realized that it might be the CO2 went crazy with the beeping (like a warning) and I went to flip on the electricity! I freaked out...called 911...and told them I had a headache! ha! (It was 3 AM!) They sent fire and paramedics (Parkville area) and went in with full gear on!

    Long story couldn't get the thing to stop beeping and then we all realized that every house...on only my street was pitch black...w/o streetlights. An accident had occurred that knocked out power to just my subdivision street side...and thus my batteries wore going out (after running for hours w/o electricity) and was warning me! LOL

    We all laughed about it as I'm standing outside in the dead cold in a nightgown with a wildly beeping CO2 detector in pitch black and these grown men couldn't figure it out either!

    Those things really do work...and save lives!

  6. Just realized that now. Thanks for the reminders.

  7. Keeping your locks in good condition is a basic way to protect your house from break-ins. A lock alarm would also be an effective way to prevent burglars 'coz, basically, gates, windows and doors are the points of entry in your house.

  8. With the advancement of technology, protecting home has become a little easier. There are so many types of home security ranging from spy cameras, alarm systems to wired and wireless security system. Good post dude. Keep it up

  9. There are many safety factors to be considered for our home. Every individual room in our home should be considered for its safety, but we should concentrate more especially for our kids room.


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