Thursday, September 8, 2011

Love of Reading

September 8, 2011 is "International
Literacy Day." It's aim is to promote
the importance of literacy in indiv-
iduals, communities and societies.
Each year we are reminded of the
status of literacy and adult learning
globally. World Literacy Day also
signifiys the recognition of the
country to strive towards total
and complete literacy for the nation.
There are some 766 MILLION adults
who lack minimum literacy skills; one
in five adults are still not literate and
two-thirds are WOMEN! 75 million
CHILDREN are out of school and many
more attend irregularly or drop out.
If you are a reader thank the person
who helped you become that way.
Share your love of reading with those
who don't. Find different ways to
share that love .
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  1. What a great post. Happily I am a reader and I am so thankful to my parents who raised me in a reading house.

  2. That's for sharing. I love love love to read and so do my girls. My 20yr old goes through a few books a week.
    Happy Reading!!!!

  3. Good Post Malinda...reading is so very important and I am so thankful that all my kids love to read....I have known some adults that stuggle with reading and it is very difficult for them...
    Have a good weekend..


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