Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flag Day 2011

Today is Flag Day!
In 1776, George Washington
and two members of the
Continental Congress asked
a young widow in her 20's---
Betsy Ross to make the first
American flag. She made it
with 13 stars in a circle shape.
We have celebrated Flag Day
every June 14th since 1949
as requested by Congress.
The 1st official celebration
was in 1877.
In 1916, President Wilson
signed a proclamation that
called for a nationwide
observance on June 14th.
According to the original
Continental Congress:
Red--stood for Hardiness
and Courage.
White--stood for Purity
and Innocence.
Blue--stood for Vigilance
and Justice.
The 13 stars and stripes
represent the 13 American
colonies. Today we still have
13 stripes but we now have 50
stars to represent the 50 states
of the Union.
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Thanks for stopping in once again. I am so not with it. Wondered what the flags were out for today, now I know. Blessings! Jackie

  2. Thanks for the trivia about an important day!

  3. Nothing quite as beautiful as the American Flag...
    Love it.


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