Sunday, November 8, 2009

Weekend Wackies

We have been working on our yard---back and front forever it seems. I don't think we have EVER had this many leaves. I think they multiplied with ALL the rainwe had this past sprin and summer!!!! Last night under a cloak of darkness -well the deck light was on, we were able locate the deck AND all the furniture! Ken does not play the guitar with the rake! We did have the shovel out because there were sooo many leaves at our curb. More are falling as I type this!!!!!!
Some housecleaning went on yesterday--not much but
room had to be made for Thanksgiving decor.
As I said above the Thanksgiving decor made an
appearance yesterday--this is still a work in
progress. AND Mr. Ken thinks that we should
have the Family over for the holiday! Talk about
sending me into a FRENZY! Now lists have to be
made, a menu needs to put together AND I really
need to clean the house--not the livable clean because
you really live in the house BUT the Family's coming
clean. Ya know?????
And because it is sooooo nice today I thought it would
make a lot of sense to get these badboys up on the
house. Some of our lights burnt out last year and they
were going to be replaced anyway so I went for the Big
ones! For too many years we've been out in the freezing
weather to put up holiday decorations. I'm sure that will
happen again this year BUT the lights will be up already!
We hope you are having a fun and productive weekend!
****Images are from good ol Google.
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. i see that you have been busy today. We went out this afternoon to get some pictures!! i didn't know you decorate for Thanksgiving , it must be nice!you must show us!i wish you a nice week. CATHERINE

  2. I saw a lot of neighbors putting up their lights today too. We were busy cleaning out our koi pond one time before winter sets in...hate that job

  3. Trying to get the leaves under control this time of year seems like a no end project. I've driven by houses and seen 12 bags out by curbsides....We just got our front yard under control and two days later it's covered again!

    So when do I start making a pitcher of margaritas so you can survive cooking for the entire family? While you're making the grocery list??? While you're cooking???? Afterwards??? or during the whole process????

    Hugs, Nancy

  4. Zoooooooom~crunch,crunch. I just mow over my leaves mulching them adding nutrients to the soil. Now, my yard covers a full acre and Hubby doesn't do yard-work. In his book anything that touches the house physically is housework that means inside and out. So I take my very large powerfull lawn tractor and off I go Zooooooom~crunch, crunch! HeeeeHeeehe!

    I'm cooking a large turkey and a large ham for Thanksgiving we are expecting 36-38 this year. The family keeps growing. What's a girl to do?

    Have a great school week and enjoy decorating and plannin' for the big Turkey Day!

    God bless you many times over.


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