Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Pretty Colors

In honor of the upcoming holiday---today's Trivia is about gum/bubblegum.
Look at all those pretty colors! How many times in your
life have you put that quarter in the machine for that
magical ball of gum. ME--too many to count!
Trival facts about GUM::
The first patent for chewing gum was issued in 1869 to
William F. Semple, a DENTIST from Mount Vernon,
There are more than 1,000 varieties of gum
manufactured and sold in the US.
There are over 40 different chewing gum brands
listed on Wikipedia. Check it out. A lot are familiar but
there are some I didn't recognize:
Tidal Wave
Vibe Energy Gum
Zoft Gum
Cinnamon, Spearmint, and Peppermint are the most
popular flavors of gum.
The average American chews around 300 sticks of gum
in a year.
Trival facts about BUBBLE GUM:
Do you know why gum is pink? Because pink was the
only color the inventor had left. The color "stuck" and
today bubble gum is mostly pink.
North American kids spend approximately half a billion
dollars on bubble gum a year.
100,000 tons of bubble gum are chewed a year.
Bubble Yum is the Official Gum of Major League
Susan M. Williams is the Guinness Record holder
of the world's largest bubble--23 inches in diameter.
The record was set on July 19, 1994.
Getting gum off clothes--scrape off any excess with a
dull knife and then rub the area with ice until the
remaining gum rolls off into a ball.
The impossible has been done and now, YOU can try
it TOO!!! This has been done while blowing a bubble:
Smiling through your teeth, frowning, laughing out of
the bottom of your mouth, side of your mouth, top of
your mouth, while kissing something and while blowing your nose.*****IF YOU TRY ANY OF THESE -IT WILL
AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I don't want to see any of your
faces plastered with bubble gum on your blogs!!!!!! :)
The winner of my GIVEAWAY will be revealed
tomorrow!!!! Stay tuned.
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. 300 sticks of gum a year?! Wow. Since I don't chew much gum and most of the people I know certainly don't chew that much . . . that means there are people out there chewing 3, 4, 5 sticks a day.

    What I'd like to know is how do you get gum off the the inside of a clothes dryer? It is baked on and even though it doesn't seem to come off on clothes, it looks terrible.

  2. Well, I decided to Google my question about the dryer and learned that Spray and Wash can get the gum off. Spray the inside of the dryer, and use a dryer sheet to wipe it off. It's supposed to work like a charm, according to a number of people who tried it. It is past midnight, so I think I'll wait 'til tomorrow and test this out!

  3. we don't chew so many sticks of gum as you do in a yaer!i'll try ro make a big bubble today, but tyou'llbe responsible if it sticks on my face and in my hair!!!in my hair i can't use ice i will have to cut it off! have a good day (did you go back to work? are you better now) catherine

  4. Hi Karen--
    Interesting ??? and answer. I'm curious to find out if the Spray and Wash works!

    PS Thanks for signing on as a Follower!


  5. Now Catherine----
    I stated in my post that I was not going to
    be responsible for any bubble gum incidents.
    That happens at your own risk. :):)

    Be careful.


  6. Ha! I love your Tuesday Trivia, always puts a smile on my face!!

    :) T

  7. I'm not surprised that a dentist patented bubble gum. Hummmmmm, patient development.

    Loved the gum info. Have a terrific day!!!

  8. veddy interesting gum tidbits!
    My fav as a child was grape hubba bubba gosh i cant find it anywhere around her now...
    hope you feeling better! Hows PT?


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