Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The Jar

J is for:

Journey Jar

I may have posted about this before, so bear 
with me.

We have a (Journey) jar that we TRY to put 
something fun, positive, a happening or 
occurrence etc on a Post It note. These notes 
go in the jar each month. We read them the 
next year. It is a way to look back at the things 
that happened the year before. 

I have a box that has a baggie for each month, 
as a new month rolls a round we read those 
notes and start anew. Reading March of last 
year was interesting as was April .

It is a great way way to reflect on the year 

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Sounds like a cool thing to look back on!

  2. Great idea! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good to hear from you. :)

  3. Now that is a great idea!!!
    Have a cozy evening!

    1. It is so fun! I think your family would enjoy it.

      M : )


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