Thursday, November 5, 2020

Time is Tickn" By

Happy November!

October sure flew by. We ended it
with 12 trick or treaters. Pretty
surprised that we had that many.

Hope everyone is doing well. We are
plugging along. The time change has 
been a bit tough this go around but I 
think we are catching up.

Tomorrow Mr. Ken and I are off 
on a small day trip. No school for
the kids so I took the day off and
so did Mr. Ken. the weather is 
going to be so nice and time away
is just what we need.


I had a birthday, it was quite but nice.
We will do a bit more birthday fun this

Hope to celebrate the kitchen being done
soon. This project is taking FOREVER!

More on our trip in my next post.

Take care of yourselves.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Enjoy your day trip, Melinda! Happy November!

  2. For a year when I've done so little it has really flown by. Hope you had a great excursion.

  3. So sorry that I missed your birthday. I have not been on FB in a while, so I wasn't able to see it there. Hope you had a great one....

  4. Thanks, yes I had a great birthday!
    Still somewhat celebrating...

    M : )

  5. Hope it was all a blast for you! We had 22 trick or treaters, surprised we had that many. The last one was a little boy, maybe 6 years old, dressed like a pirate. His costume was amazing, beautiful ruffled white shirt, shoes, hat, the works and a personality to go with it, wish we had a taken a pic of him. Sounds like you have awesome in-laws, great pics there on FB with them all! Keep on celebrating!

  6. Your little Pirate sounds adorable!
    Yes, my in-laws are great. Some of those pics were from our Vow Renewal last year in December.
    So glad we are not trying to do that this year!
    Stay safe and healthy.

    M : )


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