Thursday, February 20, 2020

Catching Up # 1

Today is our first "catching up " post.

Last Friday--Valentine's. Mr. Ken and I 
went downtown to the Kauffman Center 
for the Performing Arts to see "The Music 
of Pink Floyd" with the Kansas City
Symphony and a Rock band.

We are lucky here in  Kansas City to have 
this beautiful building that holds two 
performance halls, one for the Symphony 
and one for the ballet.


In our seats and ready for the performance.
Now, I will say...I am not a Pink Floyd fan
but this was fun. The incorporation of the 
symphony and the rock band was very cool.
Plus there was vocalist too.

Mr. Ken was in heaven with his Christmas 
present that we went to on Valentine's Day.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Sounds great! My older son is a huge PF fan! This with the symphony and rock band sounds good and interesting. I love music about any kind though, except rap anyway. Glad you had a good Valentine's Day!

    1. Oh, totally with you on the RAP. Not my cup of tea.

      M ; )

  2. This sounds like a wonderful event. My niece was in downtown KC last weekend, too! She was there for a volleyball tournament and just loved the city.

    1. How fun! Glad she enjoyed her visit.
      KC is coming around with all their renos
      in the downtown area. Though their is still a lot to do.

      M : )

  3. Not a Pink Floyd fan either, but everything sounds good with a symphony. Have a great weekend!

    1. You are so correct. I loved the collaboration with band and symphony.

      Enjoy your weekend!

      M : )


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