Monday, July 15, 2019

Christmas in July


Yes, you read my title right.

The whole world is celebrating it.

Today is PRIME day at the good ol'
Amazon. Big deals abound. If you
buy ahead of time for Christmas, I
guess this works well for you. Not
ready to really think about shopping
for Christmas yet.

So let's talk about the fun of the
holiday--favorite things about the
big day.

Favorite songs?
Traditional carols--
especially" Silent Night"
"I want a Hippo for Christmas"
I wait with big anticipation for my
radio station to begin playing Christ-
mas music, love hearing it on the way
to school.


Tree decorating--
we have gone from a large tree to a
pencil tree, some years I do a theme
tree (small one) and then I have a small
microfiber tree that was my mom's that
we put up. No more than that! I just can't
do a bazillion trees.

There are certain places that we go each
year. Union Station, the Magic Tree, The
Country Club Plaza to see the lights and
many more.
Hallmark movies! They are on now if
you enjoy them.

Usually we have ham or brisket on
Christmas day with all the fixings.
Christmas cookies and fudge.

Our family members are here and there,
sometimes we can gather and sometimes

We were married in December so our
anniversary has become part of our
Christmas celebration.
This year we celebrate 20 years! WOW!

What are some fun things you do at

Are you a shop ahead person?

What kinds of yummies do you have at

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Hard to think about Christmas on a hot day like today, but it will be sooner than we think. I did buy a couple of things from Amazon this morning -- not sure if I'll give them as gifts or keep them at my house for when the grandkids visit and give them something to play with.

    1. I know what you mean. I am not very good at buying ahead for Christmas.
      Too many times taking things back after changing my mind.

      M : )

  2. I'm a shop ahead girl. I started in Scotland and found some cute gifts. My only purchase for Prime Days was a good deal on toilet paper.

    1. I'm am not good at that as I told Karen above. I do like buying gifts when we travel, those are fun to buy.
      The toilet paper comment cracked me up!

      M : )

  3. Since I craft a number of my gifts, I start in January and hope to be finished crafting by the end of August. For some things, I do shop ahead. We tend to have ham with the fixings and we gather at my parents' house with local family. I didn't inherit the baking gene, so am very grateful to be gifted cookie and/or candy trays from friends.

  4. Wow, you are a go getter for sure!
    Ham and fixings are yummy. I am not much of a baker -- I feel like it is messier than cooking.

    M : )


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