Monday, July 1, 2019

A New Month


Happy July!
Where is this year going?


It is July 4th week.
Today I have some cute and
easy decorating ideas for your
4th parties.

Gather some Mason Jars for these

1. Place small flags in jars and
scatter around your house, place
them on your party tables too.
You can also add red, white and
blue flowers to your jars.

2. Tuck party garland in jars and
add plastic ware to each jar for
your food table.

3. Gather limbs from your yard,
and red, white, and blue spray
paint. Spray limbs with each color
and tuck into three separate jars.
Add these to your rustic holiday

Gather Bandanas for these fun ideas:

1. Pick up red, white and blue band-
anas, place flatware in the bandana,
wrap and tie with jute twine or colored
Put these in a basket for guest use.

2. Make a table cloth or runner from
several bandanas. Amount depend on
how large you want these.

3. Make a Rag Ribbon Garland by tearing
or cutting your bandanas into strips and
looping over jute twine.

There you go, simple decorating ideas
for the upcoming holiday.

**Pictures are from a neighboring city.
We love flag displays.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I'm having company over on the evening of July 4th. These are some great ideas. Going try to do some of them. Hope your 4th is Blessed.

    1. Hope you tried some of these and that your 4th was wonderful!

      M : )

  2. Cool things to do here! I like the red, white and blue limbs, pretty clever. Happy 4th!


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