Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wednesday Write Up


Hello and happy Wednesday!

Thanks for all your suggestions
last week in regard to all the
pictures we accumulate over the

Since you all had such great ideas
for that question I have another
one for you.

What do you do with ALL the
greeting cards, thank you cards
etc that you receive?

I have my own thoughts but I
am curious to hear your thoughts.
As you know I am going through
my Mom's stuff and I found a
box with probably every card she
had been given. I think when we
had our fire in '93 the cleaning
company put them in baggies as
they were cleaning our things.

I will admit that I have a problem
throwing them away.

On another note, I am having
lunch with a co-worker. We
will be celebrating her birthday!

The Garage Sale is going done
come Friday. Things are continuing
to be organized, prepped and priced.
What does not sell will be donated.
Please pray that we have no rain
during our sale Friday and Saturday.

Hope everyone is well.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Hi. I inherited a collection of postcards that had been sent from family in Norway to immigrants here in the early 1900s. I kept all of them and occasionally use in a blog post. I did the same with a stereograph collection and used the photos in the April A-Z. One nice thing about the digital age is the ability to share over the internet. It's a tough call though. I've tossed most of my personal collection, finding it hard to believe anyone would be interested in my paper junk. My mother at 93 did the same with her greeting cards (she'd made a scrapbook). Sometimes you just have to say goodbye. Everything has a time and purpose.

    1. I agree, but as you said it is hard to throw them out. It is a
      work in progress for sure.

      Come back soon.

      M : )

  2. Before we moved, I decided I wasn't going to move boxes (and I mean boxes) of old cards. Since moving, I keep cards I receive for a month or so and then toss them. I keep letters/notes until I receive the next one. I have kept a few special notes/letters through the years. For several years, I sent card fronts to a couple organizations that recycled them into new cards or gift tags. I have kept all the cards and notes my husband has given me though.

    1. Really great ideas!
      I will come up with something. I am sure.

      I hope your summer is going well.

      M : )

  3. Oh my gosh Melinda, I wish that I could post a photo in this comment to show you one of Paul and my traditions.
    I have a hard time parting with cards too... How can I get rid of something that someone picked out especially for me. I even have the valentines cards that I received from classmates back in elementary school. Recently as I've been going through things I pick out a few to keep, a few to craft with, and then I close my eyes for a minute and chuck the rest in the recycling.
    Years ago, Paul and I started an anniversary tradition where we go to the store together, pick each other out a card and take a selfie with our cards before we put them back on the shelf and leave. : ) There are 2 perks to this.. no greeting card guilt and we save money. : )

    1. So funny but true.
      I guess cause my parents are gone I don't want throw anything they gave me out an I
      want to hold on to the cards Ken
      has given me. But something needs to be done and I am just going to have to be a big girl about it.
      I love the selfie idea.

      I just need a magic wand!

      M : )

      PS you can text me that photo you know.

  4. Melinda,

    Thank you for visiting my new blog and for the warm welcome.

    I look forward to reading your blog.



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