Thursday, September 14, 2017

Wednesday Write Up


Hello All!

I must apologize for being
so far behind.
We have been under the weather
off and on for a couple of weeks
and let me tell you, I am tired of
Mine is mostly allergies but Mr.
Ken has had sinus infection from
you know where and then he had
a bad reaction to his antibiotic.
when it rains it pours.


Let's move on to more fun things.
For our last day trip of vacation we
went to a little town that is touted as
"Little Sweden." Lindsborg, Kansas.

Lindsborg is small town living but
boasts a "walkable and welcoming"
place to live and or visit. At the last
census 3,500 people made Lindsborg
there home.


Valkommen--means "Welcome" in

Art along Main Street.

Descriptive sign for the art above.


More art on Main St. I see I forgot it's
This is St Lucia. Celebrating the Festival
of Lights. A Swedish celebration on
December 13th.

Heading down Main Street.
One of the Bed and Breakfast Homes.
Very colorful.

Visitor's can rent bicycles to ride
through town. (click on the pick
and you will see it better)

Stopped here for lunch. Great food!

This was on the menu.

My cute lunch date.

Stopped at Trollslanda Toy Store.
It means "dragonfly " in Swedish.
After spending 15 years in Denmark,
the owner brought the feel of a Scandin-
avian toy store to Lindsborg.
I could not resist this picture!

 Welcome to Bethany Lutheran Church.
Erected in 1880.




This lovely table is in the entry.

Beautiful organ. Can only imagine
what this sounds like during a service.

These are replicas of the first minister
and church building.
The first church building was built
outside of town on August 18, 1869.
It was so fun to find these on the current
church grounds.
I love old churches but this one touches
my heart because I was raised Lutheran.

Our last stop today is the Lutheran college,
Bethany college.

A peek on campus.

Next week we will finish this tour.

Thanks for your patience with my slow
posts. I will get caught up soon!

See you Monday!!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Hope you and Mr. Ken are feeling better! What a fun outing you had! That church is gorgeous.

    1. It was fun. Loved the church.
      So pretty and peaceful inside.

      M : )

  2. Lindsborg looks like a great little town! Good of them to include the definition of stuga on the menu!
    The church is awesome with its great bell tower. I always love small white country churches.
    My MIL was Swedish and she would've loved visiting this town and of course the whole family is Lutheran, Bill attended Bethany Lutheran School and church in Crystal Lake. Great post! Looking forward to more about the town.

    1. Such and interesting place.
      Yes, it was helpful to know what that word was.
      The church was great! Sounds like a place for your Mother-in-law. cool info about Bill.

      More coming up today...stay tuned.

      M : )

  3. Almost forget, most important of all---I hope you both are doing well now! Take care

  4. Sorry that you and Mr Ken have been feeling yucky. I love how much fun you two have. Your trips always look inviting. Feel better. happy sunday

    1. We are on the mend, thanks!
      Yes, we do have A LOT of fun.
      We love a good road trip.

      M : )


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