Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday Write Up



Well, it is Wednesday and we
know what that is
Catch Up day.

First off--Summer vacay began
But you would not know it with 
the cool temps we have had the
last two days.

Alert--This post is a bit long.
Thanks ahead of time.

Our rose bush has put on a beautiful
show this spring.




As some of you know Mr. Ken and
I went to the Garth Brooks World
Tour with Trisha Yearwood concert.

Heading in to the Sprint Center.


Not used to the beard.

Supporting the Royals on this evening.
He put on an AWESOME show and we
found out later that he had a bad head
cold but let me tell you that did not
stop him. If it would have been me,
they would have had to carry me off
stage.  :)

Ms. Yearwood came out for several songs.
Very nice lady for sure.

We were there with a couple of others.

The drummer played in this. It lit up,
spun around, could be elevated and
during one song Garth climbed up on
it! Such a fun evening--worth every

The last couple of days we spent some
of our time playing with BIG bubbles.


Last Saturday we got up early and drove
to Oklahoma City with my Father-in-Law
and his lady friend.

We went down there to celebrate with
this young man--our nephew and grand-
son plus other family members. He was
graduating from high school.


Here are some of the decorations my
Sister-in-Law put together. Diploma
Cookies made from the Pirouette Cookies
from Pepperidge Farm.

A candy bar. YUM!!

The kitchen table centerpiece.

Mr. Graduate.

The official picture with the diploma.
Which actually he will get this week.

A little crafting in between all this fun.
For the concert, I wanted a flannel shirt,
but I wanted mine to look more girly than
they usually do.
So I cut off the tail and added some pretty
lace. It is a big shirt but I wanted it that was
so I could were it as a jacket or tunic style--
buttoned up and flowy. You can it in the
concert pic above.

Stop by on Monday--yes Monday, I am
starting a summer series called
Misc. Monday. 

I will have craft projects, recipes, summer
ideas and anything else that might pop in
my head.

Take Care!!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. So neat that you saw Garth and Trisha! I've heard that he is not just an amazing musician, but also a great entertainer. And I love her cooking show. Congrats to your nephew. And happy summer vacation!

    1. He most certainly is!
      her show is good, she can be pretty funny too.

      My nephew is glad it is all over.
      So enjoying my vacay!

      M : )

  2. Best wishes to the graduate! Woohoo on summer vacation! I know you will enjoy it totally. I look forward to seeing your Misc. Monday posts.

    1. The graduate is a happy boy for sure!
      It is so nice to be off school.
      Do come back Monday.

      M : )

  3. Busy, busy and fun fun time for guys! Bet the concert was great. Garth definitely looks different.
    Enjoy your summer!

  4. You've had a lot going on. Would love to see Garth Brooks.


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