Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hot Dogs--Get Your Hot Dogs!!

Today is National HOT
DOG Day, which celebrates
one of America's favorite

How do YOU eat a hot dog?

Me: I am strictly a mustard
kind of gal.

In honor of the HOT DOG,
Sonic is offering the All
American or Chili dog for
$1 ALL DAY today!!!!
So make your way to your
nearest Sonic and ENJOY!!!

~Keep on Dreaming~

P.S.  I am now replying to
your comments by using my
Kindle to do this. I will do
this as I can, so come back
and check out my replies.


  1. Oh my. I am sooo hungry right now, and this doesn't help! I love hot dogs, the more stuff on them the better. . . mustard, ketchup, sauerkraut, tomatoes, onions, pepper. . . the hot dog is just the excuse for the toppings:)

  2. Ok now your blog has me hungry.
    I love mustard and chili on my hot dog.

    1. I like them seperate. Nothing like a
      good chili dog!

      Come back soon for a visit.


  3. Hi Malinda....My sweet husband could not believe that I cooked this evening. He reminded me that it was hotdog day and that sonic had some goooood dogs. Oh well....I think he enjoyed his home cooked meal too.
    I checked the comments on my blog. I sent one and I have received some others today as well...I'll keep checking...
    thanks and have a good evening...

  4. Who knew? I'm not a big hotdog fan, but my kids love them!

  5. Hmmm.

    I missed this?


    Especially because I have been craving hot dogs all day today!



    Chili sauce.

    Oh man.

    I need to go find a dog!


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