Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today is...

Remember the Summer Day--- We have a pictorial story for you today. We started the summer with a hospital visit.
Being with friends old and new.
Baby J
Many meals from the grill.
Flower Power!
Farmer's market fun.
Sales, sales, sales.
The newest addition to our
family--Miss Emily!
The family reunion--most of us are
here in this picture. Ken's Dad is one
of five and this is his wild bunch.
Sister Cindy, her family and Ken's
youngest brother were not able to
make the reunion.
The boy's birthday!!!!
As I look through these and all the
other summer pictures we have
taken, I realize how busy we have
been. I am ready for the changes
Fall brings and hopefully a lot of
the things we have had to deal with
over the past few months will settle
themselves down and we can get on
with other fun stuff. I hope that you
summer was and continues to be all
that you have expected!!
~Keep on Dreaming!


  1. loved takin a walk down pictorial memory lane with you and the perfect beatle song was playing as I scrolled...Imagine all the people....

  2. I loved seein' your summer through your lens. You have had a busy summer. I'm ashamed to say I have a long list of things that didn't get completed this year...upkeep kinda of things I do every year. Refinish the deck, paint the red rocker and table and chairs on the deck. Paint the trim on the house....it just goes on and on. I was lucky just to keep the lawn mowed and the flowers tended this year. But wait......there's always next year! Heeehehehehe!

    God bless and have an extraordinary day!!!

  3. You have had one adventure after another this summer!. Where's your ice cream photo!!! I love that one.
    I think we might getting our fist taste of fall. I can see the leaves starting to change color and I can't wait.
    Have a sweet day, hugs-Elizabeth

  4. It's been a long summer for you--looks like a good bit was a lot of fun. Hope that fall continues the fun part!!


  5. This is a great post. You sure had a full summer and it's fun looking back at everything. I'm ready for fall, too!

  6. It looks like you've had a great summer! How fun to reflect on it all. Have a good day!


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