Sunday, June 13, 2010


Yesterday and today we had some very

small visitors. Baby birds! I'm not sure

how old they are but they appeared on

the front porch in the afternoon. Hang-

ing out on the front porch railing. Not

sure if this one is too happy.

His/her sibling was hanging out on the wagon.

If you look closely at the one above you can

see the blue feathers on the wing. There was

one more but it didn't look too good. (no pic)

Guess who came back today? The babies!
Mom was with them off and on but she
didn't want her picture talken so she flew
Have you figured out what type of bird
my friends are??? If you said BLUE JAY
you are correct! I must admit I'm not
too fond of grown Jays because they
have a tendency to be mean! But these
little guys are way too cute!
Maybe they'll be back tomorrow?
~Keep on Dreaming~
ALERT----Blogger is up to tricks again.
That's why there is a spacing issue and
I'm too tired to mess with it. :)


  1. This brings back so many memories of my baby bird rescue!

  2. Hi, this is a baby blue jay. I had a baby blue jay once. They are so tame when you raise them. beautiful. So glad to be back in blogland. Take care and happy summer. Linda

  3. How adorable!!!!

    This reminds me of Ohio a lot!!!

  4. The baby birds are so cute!

    Have a lovely day!

  5. They are sooo cute! Have a restful summer!

  6. Oh wow. Look at those little faces! :)

  7. These pictures are heartwarming. I love that you captured this little bird. I don't see them here in our part of the country.

  8. Hi Melinda! I love how you say, "Alert - blogger is up to tricks again"...made me laugh {so true though}!! :) :) Those baby birds are too cute! I don't think I've ever seen baby blue jays in person...very pretty blue feathers!

    Hugs ~

    :) T

  9. They are so cute!! So soft and fluffy looking.

    I had no idea the grown ones could get mean.

  10. My youngest daughter Amy is an avid bird watcher. She can name any bird just by listening to them sing. I will be showing her this post when she gets home from school!

  11. How sweet! Thank you so much for sharing these cute babies with us. I haven't seen many baby birds this year. I'm sure they're around, but mamas must keep them a safe distance from our *barn cats* :)

  12. i have never seen babies blue jay before! so sweet, hugs catherine

  13. I win a prize??? Heeehehe! I had the cutest little bur-headed wren in my window-box that didn't seem to mind me until I pulled out the camera....lost shot! Great pics of the little blue-babe.

    God bless ya Melinda!


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