Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Show and Tell

A GARAGE SALE is an informal, irregulary scheduled event for the sale of items by private individuals. These sales are also known as yard sales, rummage sales, tag sales, moving or junk sales. They can occur at individual homes, on blocks or in whole neighborhoods. They are usually held to get rid of stuff and/or make money for a specific item or event and prices vary from sale to sale. Today I'm going to have show and tell of what I picked up recently at some neighborhood sales.
But first, what is better than a garage sale?
FREE, FREE, FREE ! Our city had large
item pick up and the chair, bench and
three-legged bowl were up for grabs. You
wouldn't believe how heavy the bench is!
It will probably go in the yard somewhere.
I'll fix up the chair too. The bowl-still
thinking about.
At the first sale I went to I picked up the items
in the two photos above. AND the best part of
this sale was that EVERYTHING was HALF
PRICE! The wagon cracks me up with it's
"monster wheels" and I love the metal can.
At the next sale I picked up the items in these
photos above. The watermelon print may go in
the kitchen--maybe? The two snowman pictures
are ceramic wall hangings and they are made to
look like Christmas stamps--love them!
Moving on to the next sale. As I moved around I
was going to leave THEN I saw these pillows and
the baker snowgirl--he said that I needed to take
him home so he could meet my other snowgirl
friends. The pillow with the chefs on it, will go
in the kitchen on my red stool. (My dream is
to have a red and oatmeal kitchen one day.)
Here we have a close-up of baker snowgirl.
She has been busy already--baking cookies.
Isn't she a cutie???
Look at this beauty! I'm sure at one time it
resided in someone's bathroom or at the end
of a bed BUT here it will have a new job.
It will become a plant holder! Maybe on the
These things came from what the lady
called a "sample sale." Greeting cards,
photo album and three round boxes
nestled inside each other.
Borrowed the "plant stand" to hold my new
purse. One of the girls at work has a couple
of these and I've been wanting one. I now
have one and the best thing about it other
than it is darn cute is the owner was asking
$1 for it! It is fabric inside and out and the
handles have denim on one side.
Our garage sale tour ends with some items
I picked up mid week last week.
A little white cart. a metal tool box and
a package of pretzel molds for Christmas
I think one could also use candy type sticks
instead of pretzels if they wanted to. The
white cart may go in the sewing room
(when I find it :) ) or it may go in the
laundry room.
Thanks for taking the tour!
~Keeo on Dreaming~


  1. Great loot! I just love the purse and what a steal too. Have a great week!

  2. I LOVE garage sales! You found some good stuff. I love that bench.

  3. What finds you came up with. It was a lucky day for you. I especially like the wooden bench that was "free".

  4. I would like to have garage sales here! you did well! i like what you bought!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! I found the metal boards in Dollar Tree on a back wall by the kitchen doo dads. Odd place for them! And I searched and searched and of course they were on the last aisle at the one by me! :)

  6. Hey sweetie, I'm tryin' to catch up on your blog. Mr. Ken certainly gave ya'll a scare didn't he? I'm still having new breakouts and major pain with these shingles. I'm not so good at being out of commission.

    Take care and have a glorious day! :o)

  7. Aren't those freebies great! I would have snagged that bench in a heartbeat! Thanks for the prayers. Mom and baby are fine. Jackie

  8. Wow! what fun you had! I'd say you hit the jack-pot with all your finds.
    What a treat to get to spend time with a blogging friend, a very special day in deed..
    Have a great day!
    Hugs, Elizabeth

  9. I would say that was a GOOD day!!! Great finds. I just love yard saling. I love the hunt and trying to find new treasures. You definately found some great items...my favorite is the bench!!!


  10. those little white carts are so handy! we have one in the bathroom and it holds a lot! enjoy all of your loot!


  11. We have garage sales on Thursday around here. I am always so envious of what people find and yet I've never been to one! I've also never been to Goodwill to shop and yet have friends who find marvelous "treasures". I am GOING TO GO. Thanks for the inspiration. Also, thanks for becoming a "follower". I've done the same.



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