Tuesday, February 2, 2010

February Fun!

***Reader Warning--LONG post*** Enjoy! Black History Month American Heart Month (Wear Red)
Birthstone: Amethyst--Comes from the Greek
word "Amethystos," meaning sober.
Flower: Iris--The warm deep color is a reminder
of the luxuries of Spring. Iris means: faith, wisdom
and hope.
Zodiac signs: Aquarius--through the 19th
Pisces--20th -28th.
This month in History:
1--Underground Rairoad was established.
2--New Amsterdam, now NYC, was incorporated.
3--President Woodrow Wilson died.
4--Patty Hearst was kidnapped.
5--Apollo 14 lands on the Moon.
6--The Beatles US album--Hey Jude was released.
7--Canada mandated 55 mph speed limit.
8--Walt Disney Studios is formed.
9--Beattles appear on the Ed Sullivan show for the
first time.
10--Bonnie Blair wins the 1992 Olympics--1st Gold
for the US.
11--Nelson Mandela freed after 27 years in prison.
13--King Tut's tomb opened.
14--St. Valentine's Massacre occurred--Chicago.
15--City of St. Louis was established.
16--Eric Heiden skated the 5K in 7:02.29-Olympic record.
17--The first issue of Newsweek Magazine was published.
18--Pluto discovered by Clyde Tombaugh.
19--William Kellogg founded his first breakfast cereal.
20--John Glenn--first American Astronaut to orbit
the Earth.
21--NASCAR was incorporated.
22--The first "Woolworth's opens.
23--Dick Howser retires from managing the
Kansas City Royals, due to a brain tumor.
24--The Voice of America--first hit the airwaves.
25--President Marcos of the Phillipines escapes to
the US.
26--Terriost bomb explosion under the World Trade
27--Two American chemists announce-discovery of
28--Gulf War Ends!
29--1968--The Grammy's were first held.
Fundays in February:
1--National Freedom Day
2--Groundhog Day--Punxsutawney Phil saw
his shadow this morning and we know what that
3--Wedding Ring Day
4--1st Snicker's for sale
5--National Weatherperson Day
6--National Frozen Yogurt Day
7--XLIV Super Bowl--Bring on the food!!!
8--Kite flying Day
9--Hershey's Chocolate founded
10--School Day
11-- Make a Friend Day--check out some new
12-- Barbie Doll's first sale
Opening Day of the Olympics
13--Get a Different Name Day
Chinese New Year--Year of the Tiger
15-- President's Day (this year)
16--Do a Grouch a Favor day
17--Ash Wednesday (this year)
Random Acts of Kindness Day--Do some random
acts today
18--National Battery Day
19--National Chocolate Mint Day
20--National Cherry Pie Day
21--National Sticky Bun Day
22--Pebbles Flinstone's Birthday
23--IHOP--National Pancake Day
Free shortstack for customers (this year)
24--National Tortilla Chip Day
25--National Chili Day
26--National Pistachio Day
27--International Polar Bear Day
28--Smokey Bear's Birhtday
Happy Birthday!
1--Clark Gable--Actor
2--Ina Garten--Food Network Star
3--Nathan Lane--Actor
4--Alice Cooper--Singer
5--Hank Aaron--Baseball player
6--Natalie Cole--Singer
7--Laura Ingalls Wilder--Author
8--Lana Turner--Actress
9--Alice Walker--Author
10--Roberta Flack--Singer
11-Thomas Edison--Inventor
12--Abe Lincoln--Former President
13--Jerry Springer--Talk Show Host
14--Florence Henderson--Actress
15--Jane Seymour--English Actress
16--Sonny Bono--Singer
17--Michael Jordan--NBA Guard
18--Toni Morrison--Writer
19--Lee Marvin--Actor
20--Sidney Poitier--Actor
21--Jennifer Love Hewitt-Actress
22--George Washington--Former President
23--George Handel--Composer
24--Wilhelm Grimm--Fairy Tale Author
25--David Puttnam--English Film Producer
26--Fats Domino--Singer
27--Liz Taylor--Actress
28--Tomy Tune--Tony Award Dancer and Actor
Is this your month to Celebrate?
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Thanks for all the fun trivia :) Chocolate Mint Day---YUMMMMMMMMMM

  2. Hi Melinda, you are the winner of my Coastal Living giveaway. Congrats! Please email me with your details. Regards, Simone

  3. Yippee! Your back....and with lists. Quite the busy little month there! I just think the grandkiddos and I are gonna have to celebrate the sale of the first Snickers bar.

    You have the best day, my friend!!!


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