Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas

Just a quick peek at decorating preparations here at our house. Now you have to realize that this is only a portion of the decor we have but for reasons that could be a whole other post we will be using the goodies in these bags and boxes. We have moose, a village in the red box, snowmen, trees, ornamnents for jars and bowls and enough music to last past the holiday season.
These bags hold all the goodies needed to decorate our
tabletop tinsel tree plus the decorations for the rest of
the house. The moose sit on this sled and Mr. Snow-
man will have a place of honor.
The Old Navy bag holds a jingle bell wreath that I'll
try on the front door this year and the other bag holds
more snowmen. You think I like snowmen?? Your
bet I do!
Now, once I get everything placed and fluffed, I'll
take more pictures so you can see where every-
thing was placed.
Have a great day!
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. We're going to decorate today--a little later than usual for us. Also, I need to write the Christmas letter. But the presents have been bought!

  2. I want to see, the decorations!!!(i will e mail you tomorow) i go to sleep now! good day! catherine

  3. Looks like you will be busy decorating. Hope you have fun doing so! Take care Melinda! Enjoy the holidays!

  4. That snowman in the second picture is super cute. :) Have fun decorating!

  5. What a big job. I look forward to seeing the finished decorations. Have fun!

  6. Your house is always cozy, despite the QUANTITY of snowmen that go up! Put your Christmas tunes on and enjoy the season. Can't wait to see it all in person!

    Hugs, Nancy

  7. Can't wait to see your "after" pictures! My house looks like a disaster area for 3 or 4 days when I bring all the Christmas decoration boxes up from the basement and start unpacking them. One of these days I will have to learn the simple way of decorating with the things I already have out, and just adding a few springs of greenery and a ribbon or two. :-)

  8. I love snowmen, too! They are so delightful; one year I made them for each of our siblings, big ones of white wool felt, and dressed them according to their interests. One brother got a golfing snowman, another a gardening one, and my sister got a snowman in a tuxedo with a martini in his hand!

    I am only about 20-percent done with our decorating! Pictures are deceiving. :-) Have fun!


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