Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Spending Time with Friends


Over the last three days I have been able to see work 
friends, two I haven't seen since March 12!! On Monday 
I met a friend for a mid morning snack. Today I had the 
pleasure to host another driveway party for our friend 
Ann, she is the on the right front of the pic above. She 
had a BIG birthday back in June when things were still 
closed. Today with school looming three of us got 
together to celebrate our friend. The gal in the purple 
was my co-worker for 13 years. I am so glad that we have 
stayed in touch.
Between a little lunch, cake and lots of conversation we 
had a great time. Lunch was from a restaurant called 
Hawaiian Brothers so I went with ah Hawaiian decor 
theme. Next week I am looking to meet another friend 
for a picnic lunch. 
Monday the 31st is BACK TO SCHOOL. Sept 8th kids 
come back "remotely."  Not sure how this will all
play out.  Hope everyone is well.
Apparently this new interface cuts pics off too.
the birthday girl got cut off. See next post.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I clicked on the picture and the whole thing appeared in a new window. I know you enjoyed gathering with your friends.

    1. Good to know, did figure out on the new interface how to crop the darn pics.
      It was a lot of fun, so nice to see friends in person even at a distance.

      Hope you are well.

      M : )


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