Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Halloween Traditions

Holiday traditions, seems like each 
holiday has them. Families have them 
and they hand them down to their kids 
plus they make their own.
When I was a little girl, I loved deciding 
what I wanted to be for Halloween.  So 
much went into picking out THE costume 
for that year. I loved the party at school 
and getting to take my costume with me 
to wear at the party.
Now as a big girl who teaches at a school, 
I try to come up with something fun but 
easy. This year I will reprise my happy 
face emoji shirt and add bumble bee 
wings and antenna.

Candy, some years we have trick or 
treaters and some years we don't have 
many. Mr. Ken gets a kick out of seeing 
what comes to our door as I do. We aren't
scary like some can be.
Back in the day, we had a house on our
street that was "the must house to go to" 
because if you didn't and someone found 
out, oh boy. So even if two of us were out 
we knew we had to see what Mr. Swenson 
was going to do that year.

Parties, we had several when I was little 
and I have gone to some as an adult. When 
we had them as a child my Dad unbeknownst 
to my Mom or I would dress  up like a Ghost 
and tap on the basement window and scare 
the wits out of us. :)  Mom did not know that
it was Dad till years after he was gone and
she came across the sheet he used. So funny.

Pumpkins-carving or not? We did at school
with one. I'm not a fan of pumpkin guts.
But have found that cutting it open on the
bottom works oh soooooo much better
that cutting the top off.
We have pumpkins on the porch and I 
spray them with clear coat so the squirrels
don't eat them!

What kind of traditions do you have for
Halloween? My friend Leslie, LOVES
Halloween. Check out her blog--
"Dandelion Sprinkles" on my sidebar.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. awwweeee.. Thank you Melinda. I DO love Halloween!!! I just read on someone else's blog ( Jan @ Daily cup of Mrs Olson) about her witches party. That is my goal for next year!!!
    Happy Halloween my dear friend!

    1. Fun, fun!
      Will have to check out Jan's blog.
      Have a fun night!

      M : )

  2. Good post and funny with your dad!!! Supposed to have snow/rain and only 35° here and I hope it doesn't stop the trick or treaters. We love to see them and have a scary screeching Zombie cat for them. Have fun with your kids, bet you're a great teacher who makes all kinds of fun for them! I saw Leslie's post, she's good at holidays, and decorating for sure!

  3. Thanks. He was a great man, lost him to early in my life.
    Hope you have some guests.

    M : )

  4. Your reminiscing was fun to read about and brought back memories of my own. I've never been into the scary, ghoulish part of Halloween that seems more common nowadays. I always enjoyed coming up with creative costumes.

    1. I agree. I like the sweet side (no pun intended) of Halloween. Definitely
      not into the scary aspect.

      M : )


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