Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Around Town.


Hi! Hello! Howdy!

We are live from Noah's Ark
tonight. Actually I am posting
from my couch but it could be a
n ark. We have had over 8" of
rain in the last few days. We
needed the rain badly but not
all at once!

Before it rained FOREVER, we
had the pleasure of several sun-
sets as the one above.

We have a great museum here in our
area that has an All Electric 1950's
House. A real house right inside the
museum that depicts what life was
like for a family in the 50's.

This is the living room---check out the
décor! It has been staged for the summer
season but at Christmas they have the tree
that twirls with the lights under it.

 What movie shall we watch tonight?

Master bedroom. Mom has her dress
picked out for her outing. Love the
makeup vanity and the exercise machine.

Off the Master is the baby's room.

Hallway bathroom. Check out those
color choices.

Such a fun house to go through,
one of our favorite exhibits in the
museum. It's fun to watch the kids go
through it with their parents and listen
to all their comments.

Fired up the firepit a couple of  Saturdays
and got rid of a BUNCH of yard waste.

Enjoyed breakfast with some of
my favorite people. Former co-workers.
Fun to catch up with everyone.
Oh Blogger why do you do
this to me?
Hit one of our favorite "patches"
between raindrops.

So many fun varieties.

A soggy beanbag toss game.

So now you know what we have been
up to. Hopefully the rain will be ending
soon. We will be in the 50's starting
tomorrow going from the 70's. Our low's
will be in the 30's. Mother Nature is a mess!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Wow! You guys really got a soaking rain!
    Cute, cute house. I could totally live there!!

    Have a sweet day.

    1. Yes, we had some rain for sure
      and now we are seeing some really pretty trees.

      M : )

  2. What a cool museum! Hope you are staying dry and safe! Enjoy the rest of your week!

  3. Lots of good things here! We had lots of rain here too, not fun! Great that you had breakfast with your co-workers. Take care

  4. That museum looks like fun! The bathroom looks like the one in my house growing up. I bet the kitchen is really cool, too.

    1. We are truly lucky to have a museum
      here like this. I'll post the kitchen at a later date.

      M : )

  5. The museum looks fun.
    Girl, we have had so much rain in Baltimore this year - my deck and patio furniture are green - moss and mushrooms everywhere!
    This morning- its raining. Lol.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Well, hopefully you are seeing the results of the rain in the tress turning pretty colors like we are.
      Moss and green though not so much!

      M : )

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