Monday, January 29, 2018

Fun Uses for Coffee Filters

Well, apparently it has been  awhile
since I last posted. This month has
just flown by!

What else can we do with those filters?

Great for cleaning TV's, monitors or any
other glass item.

Place them between your china plates to
prevent scratching and/or breaking.

Place a filter in the bottom of you flower
pots to prevent losing dirt and they still
allow water to flow through.

Use to cover food in the microwave to
prevent splatters.

Poke a small hole in a filter, then place a
popsicle stick in the hole and pull stick
through . Instant drip catcher.
Works with ice cream cones too, just place
the cone in the filter and gather around the

Line the bottom of cookie tins.

They make great snack holders.

Super for kids when eating tacos, hot dogs
and sandwiches.

Good shoe polishers, dab on polish and
shine away.

Use one to shuck your corn, move the filter
up the corn and it will remove the silks.

Use them to bake large muffins or mini
cakes. Fill 1/3 full and place in  a circular
pan to bake.

Seed sprouting, Place seeds on a dampened
filter, fold and place in a baggie.

Use on carpet spills, quickly place on the
spill so the filter soaks the liquid not your

There you have it, I could go on but I
won't.  :)

So buy some coffee filters to have in hand if
you don't use them for coffee. Never know
when you might need to put one to use.

PS: they make great snowflakes too.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. I really should write some of these down. I've heard of a few of them before, but then I forget! I like the idea of using them to cover food in the microwave. They shouldn't move around like papertowels and waxed paper tend to do.

    1. Paper towels can be very annoying for sure.
      I have to write more stuff down these days.

      M : )

  2. We used them as popcorn containers in my classroom as well as craft project "trays".

    1. Yes, we do too! I used them just last Friday for donut

      M : )

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, so good to see you on
      the ol' blog.

      M : )

  4. Replies
    1. There were so many more that I could have put in the post!

      M : )


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