Sunday, August 27, 2017

Wednesday Write Up--Saturday to Sunday Style


Good Morning, I have time now to finally
get Part Two posted.
The main reason that wanted to go to the
Ag Hall was to see this exhibit.

These tags describe the exhibit plus they
had books to look at too!

"Working Aprons."

More detailed ones with needlework and
embroidery on them, the one on the top
right was made from a dish towel.

Lighter weight - Spring aprons.

Gingham checked ones.

"Company aprons."

"Holiday aprons."

More "working aprons."

Of course, we can't leave out "The

This gives you an idea of how many
displays they had.
It was great fun looking at all of these
aprons. Many good memories floated
through my head as I looked at these
All of the women in my life--
my Mom, Grandmas and Mr. Ken's
Mom wore aprons at some time in their
lives. Mr. Ken's Mom was still wearing
them in the 90's. I have my own aprons,
I don't wear them much but do have
them if I need them.
Mr. Ken's Dad gave me my Mother-in-
law's apron which I cherish.

Here is bits and pieces of what this
card says.
"Aprons are more than Kitch. They
symbols of family and motherhood.
The word "Apron" comes from the
French "naperon" a small tablecloth
or napkin, suggesting they have been
worn for centuries to keep from
spilling on ourselves."
Most of these aprons are handcrafted
one-of-a kind aprons.
Click on the pic to enlarge to read
the whole piece.
What are your memories? Do you
wear an apron? Cooking, crafting
or gardening?

See you tomorrow!!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. All of those aprons are so beautiful...
    I never wear one, but after reading this, I really want one!!!

    1. Right there with you!
      I have a lot just need to wear

      M : )

  2. The aprons are great and I remember Mom having company aprons, holiday aprons, and everyday aprons. She always wore one as did all the other women in the family, like your family.
    I have a few, but only wear them now and then, every seldom. Thanks for the apron trivia, interesting!

    1. Glad you enjoyed!
      Great memories here.
      I need to get mine out and use them.

      M : )

  3. That is quite a pretty collection of aprons! I have a few myself, but I hardly ever wear them.

    1. It was quite a collection.
      Seems to be the consensus
      here, that we have them but
      not use them. Sounds like we better get them out and make use of them. : )

  4. I love this post. I have a couple of aprons, but they are more functional and not pretty at all. I love how our mothers and grandmothers took pleasure in making even work-related things so pretty.

    1. It was a different time then. One I miss.
      Glad you enjoyed this post!

      M : )


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