Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Wednesday Write Up

Hello Everyone, yes it is me. The
absent blogger--I must apologize
again. Just WAY too much to keep
up with right now.
The journey jar is being filled again
this month as best we can.

If anyone is out there, let's catch up. 
I want to say a BIG THANK
YOU to Leslie at Dandelion Sprinkles
and her creative Valentine's elves for
helping out with the Valentine Card
Shower this year.

They did an AWESOME job!! Combined
with my cards we had over 70 cards that
were sent to Children's Mercy Hospital
in Kansas City Mo.

All the cards were packed and ready to
be sent to hopefully brighten a few kids

Sunday was the day we celebrated. We
enjoyed a nice brunch in the late morn-
ing and then went to the Old Red Bridge 
to check on our lock.
If you remember from last year, Mr. Ken
and I took a lock out to the bridge and
locked our love there. It is tradition that
couples do on Valentine's Day.

Off we go to look for our lock. I must con-
fess, I was getting a little nervous because
we weren't finding it but then we did.

There is it right in the middle of the
two silver ones. The writing has faded
but we could make out what we had
put on it in 2016. (We checked our pic
from last year) Some people add a new
lock each year so next year we are add-
ing locks for both our Moms.

A little look at our Valentine décor.

Hope everyone had a SPECTACULAR
Valentine's Day!!


Update on Mr. Ken

He is doing GREAT! Doctor appointments
are fewer and far between now, which is
nice. He isn't missing so much work now.
He still has a couple of procedures later
on down the line but right now things are
moving right along.

Thanks for hanging with me!!

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. There's a whole lot of love going on here! Wonderful that Mr. Ken is doing great! Have a happy rest of the week!

  2. Love the snowman plates, they're so cute. Glad to hear Mr K is still doing well!

  3. Thanks for the update on Mr. Ken! Glad to hear he is doing great! Your 'love' décor is grand especially the heart garland. What a cool thing to do with the lock!

  4. things are looking beautiful around your place. I have seen a bridge here in Texas that had the love locks on it. a couple of years ago, I read where a bridge was so weighted down with locks, that the city was having to cut the locks off in order to prevent the wall from collapsing. That is a LOT of locks...

  5. That's great news about Mr Ken!!! I'm so glad that we were about to help with the cards this year. ( I'm also glad that the cards reached you on I looooove the locks on the local bridge. Being the absent blogger that I was, I missed that post last year. I've seen that in France ( on television) ~ such a fun way to share your love. I love all of the decorations, everything looks so festive!

    Have a great weekend.

  6. able. I really need to practice proof reading. My fingers seldom type what I am actually thinking. hahhahha


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