Friday, October 2, 2015

World SMILE Day

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday
to Everyone!!

Today is World Smile Day.

The Smiley Face was created in 1963 
by Harvey Ball, a commercial artist.

As years passed Mr. Ball became 
concerned that his Smiley face 
was being used too much, not in 
the way he intended it to be used 
and it's meaning was getting lost 
in the shuffle of life.

So in 1999. out of that concern 
came World Smile Day. A day 
devoted to Acts of Kindness 
and Smiles around the World. 
Mr. Ball declared "the first 
Friday in October would hence-
forth be "World Smile Day." 

Five things that make me Smile

1. My husband
2. Family and Friends
3. Children's laughter
4. Peanut M&M's
5. The cooler Fall weather we 
are having

Since we are at the weekend, 
let's extend this day through  
Sunday and "do one or more 
Acts of Kindness and help 
someone SMILE!"

While we are doing all this 
smiling let's take a pause and 
keep in our thoughts those in 
Oregon who are affected by the 
tragedy there and and all of our 
friends on the East coast dealing 
with the weather there.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Great to know.... I vote to extend the "help someone smile" for the entire year. Prayers for all in Oregon.

  2. I love Peanut M and M's too! Have a great week :)


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