Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring Cleaning---Part 3

Wednesday's tip:

Cleaning Shortcuts--

Use less cleaner

To make window, wash 
and dish cleaners last longer
fill a spray bottle halfway with 
water then top off with your 
cleaner. Shake to mix.

Stop scrubbing

Before you clean the bathroom,
turn on the shower to HOT, 
close the door for a few minutes.
The steam will loosen grime or
mildew so it's quicker and easier 
to wipe clean.
For the microwave, fill a bowl with
water, heat up the water causing 
steam inside the microwave and 
then wipe clean.
Any other ideas???

While you are using the clock 

method to clean (see Monday's 

Speed clean like a Pro

Dust first--let the dust settle
Wipe down glass, mirrors 
and other surfaces 
Vacuum last

Scroll down to the earlier today

post for Part 2.

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Great tips! Especially the no scrubbing one. I'm not a fan of cleaning. I need to make a cleaning schedule... I'm behind on the deep cleaning:-(

    1. All does for me is mess with my allergies!
      Not a fan.

      M :)

  2. Good tips! I need a good grime fighter for the bathroom sliding door on the shower, though. UGH.

    1. Thanks!
      There are so many on the
      market right now. Good luck!

      M :)


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