Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen Get Your Bling On!!!!!

Do you remember when you
were five and made Valentine's
for your friends and family?

Well, now you have have a chance
to be five again! It is time for the
Valentine Card Shower Party here
at Dreaming! This will be the 4th
year for this fun occassion!!!!

For those of you who are new to
this, I'll give you some background
info. Here in Kansas City we have a
wonderful children's hospital. They
take care of a wide range of illnesses
there and to help brighten these kids
day, each year one of the local radio
stations and their sponsors host a
Valentine Card Shower.
On the big day ALL of the cards are
spread out on many tables and the kids
that can leave their rooms come down
and pick out their own cards! The rest
are distributed to those that need to
stay in their rooms.

Those participating are asked to make
valentine's for the kids. There are a
couple of rules--Nothing religious and
please do not put "Get Well" on your
Simple things like--"Happy Valentine's
Day," "Happy Heart Day," "Be Mine"
etc. Also, they ask that NO candy,
balloons or small trinkets be sent.

So here is where YOU come in, start
looking through all of your crafting
supplies, gather some family and/or
friends and help brighten a child's
Valentine's Day by making some
cards. This is a great activity for
a group that needs to earn a service

If you would like to participate, please
let me know via a comment or e-mail.
If you need my home address, let me
know that too. The MORE the MERRIER!
If you would to post about this, PLEASE
Last year, 6 of us participated and we had
A LOT of cards for the kidsand A LOT
of fun! I would love to see more this year
because it is a great "cause."  I realize that
everyone is busy, but this does not take
a lot of time and remember--no one likes to
be sick on such a fun day, what a great way
to brighten the day but with a BUNCH of cards!
If you choose to do this, please indicate on
back of each card where it came from.
(Kansas)  I think it is fun for the kids to see
that not all of the cards are from the KC metro
I think I have covered everything if not, I'll
let you know. All of the cards need to be
here at my house by FEBRUARY 8th so
that I have time to get them to their their
destination before the cutoff date.


~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. You know I'm on for this. I will share it in Buttercupland today or tomorrow. Have a great day.

    1. That is great!

      Looking forward to your cards--Thanks so much!

      M : )

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Just put my post up. Hope you get lots of visitors and lots of cards.

  3. I saw Carol's post and came on over. I don't make cards, and the ones you show look very cute. I am sure the kids will love this year's batch.

  4. Oh girl... You know that we're in!!! I've recruited help from the outside too! Saturday I am hosting a vday card making party! I was just sitting here planning my menu and thank you treats now. : )

    1. Woohoo! I knew you would participate.

      Thanks so much!

      M : )

  5. We'll get some together and get them to you before the 8th... just now seeing this on Saturday night!

  6. Kueter Kids are in! We will work on ours next weekend…maybe during the big game and I will drop in the mail on Monday!!! Hugs!!!

  7. What a wonderful idea, Melinda! I made cards last year for cancer patients in LA. I haven't heard about it for this year. If I get extra made in time, I'll send some to you.


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