Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Favorites

As you know Fall officially
arrived last Saturday at
9:49 a.m. Yea!
Today we are going to talk
about our favorite Fall things.
We already touched on the
colors of the season, so how
What is your Fall fave FOOD?
Mine would be soups.
What is your fave Fall GO TO
OUTFIT? Casual / Semi casual.
Mine would be comfy sweats
and hoodies or jeans/pants
and cardis.
What things do you use in your
Mine would be LOTS of pumpkins
real and faux, leaves, Fall figures
What is your fave Fall activity/ies?
Ours is going to the Pumpkin farm
and any local festival.
Remember to keep tuned here for
more updates on "The Pink Chair!"
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. This is my favorite time of year :)

    I love the questions you have asked and have answered them below.

    Happy Fall!!

    What is your Fall fave FOOD?

    Mine would be soups/chillies, and candy capples!

    What is your fave FALL GO TO OUTFIT?

    Mine is jeans/Tshirts and hoodies

    What things do you use in your

    I love pumpkins, haybales and scarecrows, as well as halloween decor to

    What is your fave Fall activity/ies?

    Mine are taking pictures of the trees, leaves and fall colorings.


    Campfires and Smore making

  2. My favorites about fall match yours! Staying tuned to find out about the pink chair. ;)

  3. Lets see... I love to bake spooky food, mummy meatloaf, peanut butter eyeballs, etc. but my favorite fall food is Pumpkin Spice Lattes from starbucks. Ohhhh so goood!!!
    my favorite fall clothes are silly socks ( I never wear socks during the summer)and sweaters. I love to decorate too, most for Halloween and my favorite fall thing to do is go pumpkin pickin! So much fun!!! Happy Fall!!!

  4. Happy Fall Melinda!! Your scarecrow looks like he's jumping for joy now that fall is here! I'm making squash for supper, in my sweats, I'll be looking out my kitchen door at my live pumpkins and gourds, and sipping a glass of wine while supper is in the oven! That sums it all up for me,have a great week!

  5. I believe you answered those questions much in the same way I'd answer mine!

  6. Fun post! I love everything about Fall...from everything in my wardrobe to how I decorate my home (I too use faux and real pumpkins as well as lots of leaves, acorns, and pine cones.) I am loving Pinterest for great Fall ideas.

    Do you Pin? If you do, follow me so I can follow you back!


  7. Great post Melinda! My favorite food is soup for sure, as well as pumpkin spice bread. I love to wear comfy clothes and my uggs. Favorite decorating would be lots of natural elements inside and out. South Jersey is big for hayrides and pumpkin picking. I just love this time of year and everything that comes with it. Just goes too quickly in my opinion. Before you know it we will be decorating for Christmas.

  8. DITTO, DITTO, DITTO......

  9. Pulling out the down comforter for the bed, soups, turtlenecks and cords, apple desserts/breads/muffins, pumpkins galore, leaves crunching underfoot. Fall is my favorite season.


  10. Where to start - walking in the woods, my favorite "hoodie", the scent of apple pie and turkey, the colors of the jars of food I've put by...My list goes on and on. You sound like my kind of gal. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  11. Great post!
    Favorite food: anything with pumpkin -- bread, soup, lattes!
    Outfit: Sweaters
    Decor: Autumn scented candles
    Activity: Going to the pumpkin patch, cooking soups and stews, decorating the house, putting comforters and quilts on the beds.

  12. Fabulous Fall is here... yippee!!

    Some of my favorites are: hot spiced apple cider, crackling fire, curling up with a good book, hot cup of chili... etc.. etc..
    There's so much to love about Autumn!!

  13. Hi Melinda! Love your blog! Fall snuck up on me this year. LOL! My favorite fall activity is walking as the leaves are falling, especially as a cold wind blows! I love planting pansies in all the pots and flowers all over the yard.
    My whole family loves chili and cornbread when it turns cold. Now I can't wait for fall!


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