Friday, April 20, 2012


Well, this IS interesting!
I planned to do a post on
Changes and here Blogger
has finally made the CHANGES
they said would take place. 
Warning I am doing this post
on a wing and prayer--so be
patient with me as get use to
this new format.
On to my original thoughts:
the end of a school years always
brings changes. But this year
things a re REALLY changing!
Not only are my kids being
promoted upstairs for next year
but, two of our class staff are
retiring! I have worked with
one of the ladies for the whole
13 years I have been at school
and the other lady I have worked
with for 7 years.
Many of my coworkers have asked
me --- 1."Are you coming back?"
2."What will you do now?"
My response has been "As far as
I know" and "I am taking it day
by day." I  am one of you who
do not like change and this year
it is tougher because I don't
know who will be hired to fill
spots by two that I have worked
with so long. I am used to my

kids moving on, that happens
each year and that is good for
them but the kids that are coming
to my room are a bit tougher
to handle due to behaviors and
physical needs. So that leaves
me pondering "Do I stay or
move on also?"
I know the answer will come
soon but until then a lot of
pondering and prayer will
be taking place.
Thanks for listening!
How do you handle change??
Do you like the new format?

~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Changes are hard for me.
    I always think that they are going to be fun, and I like to think that a new adventure will help me 'grow'.
    Usually, I just find myself thinking, 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks'- LOL

    I'm sorta liking some of the new changes, and sorta not.
    Mostly, I'm annoyed at how often blogger is changing things.
    Just when I get used to something... it changes.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Although I don't always like it, I know if we don't change we become stagnant and moldy! Heeehehehe!!!

    Friend, know I will be prayin' for ya as your ponder your future. Decisions like this are never easy but I'm confident you will make the decision that is perfect for you.

    I haven't noticed any changes yet but I haven't posted in a week! Soooo like me.

    'Been busy with MIL. I tell ya the Dr. appointments are becomin' a full time job.

    God bless ya and you and Mr. Ken have a fabulous weekend!!! :o)

  3. Maybe one or both of the new hires will become dear friends of yours; putting a positive spin on the change. I hope it all goes smoothly for you no matter what you decide.

  4. I'm not always a big fan of change...but it always seems to work out!

    I know no matter who they get, you'll be wonderful!

    Sorry things are in such flux for you, sweet pea!

  5. I think change is scary but it's great too! Without change it's the same old thing. I kind of looked forward to change at work. New blood, new ideas and a different personality. It almost always was fine and my best friend now was a result of a change 12 years ago at work! I am retired now, she's 10 years younger, and she's still the best! Relax and hope for the best! Here's wishing you and hubby a great weekend!

  6. MY watchword for this year is (Embrace) Change. I've usually been so worried about change, but I know I've got a biggie coming up -- retirement from my job of 18 years -- and I've been scared. I want to try new things and that's why I didn't just pick change as a watchword, but my desire to embrace it and walk calmly into the future. So far, so good and I've kept calmer, but it hit me today that I actually could retire this summer and it's almost May! You've got my prayers.

  7. Melinda, I enjoyed today's post... change worries me now, too, at my age. It will be interesting to see what you do... and I still have stuff to get to you... we'll make plans for this summer. Maybe the T Bones!

  8. I don't like change either. It is scary! BUT sometimes good things happen because of change. I am sure you will love you new co-workers as much as you old ones.

  9. I DO NOT like change. It it isn't broke, don't fix it! That is what i live by! There is a lot of changes going on at my work as well and i am not liking it! I adjust pretty well but i don't like it at the beginning! That is why i have been at the same job for 11 years now. I love my job but there might be a big CHANGE in my near future as well.Hope you figure out what you want to do and are with peace with whatever you decide!

  10. ANd.... what changes has Blogger made? I haven't noticed anything on mine. How do you read about changes they are going to be making?

  11. and I thought that I must have hit a button that changed everything on my blog. Glad to know that I didn't. I'm one that is not good with change either. I too feel that if everything is working good, why change.
    Bless you Malinda...I know that this is hard, when you lose co-workers that you have enjoyed working with for so many years. Just take it a day at time and let God speak to your heart.
    Have a great day.

  12. I'm not comfortable with change, I have to be pushed and coaxed and coerced into it. I'm confused about how Blogger makes changes, because it's been different for me for a while now. But, I've noticed several bloggers remarking on them in the past couple days. I must be missing something. LOL Like I said, I'm not good with change.

    I'm eager to hear what new direction you'll be taking.

  13. Hi, I'm pretty good at coping, and so change is a very slow process for me. It could be that you should stay for another year just to see how it feels. If you discover you just can't cope, then move on. But when that happens, there are other issues to look at as well, such as whether you might be leaving a job you thought you couldn't stand for one you hate even more. Change is always a gamble. I'll be praying for you, that God will guide your choices.

    Not sure what you mean about the new format to Blogger. Mine hasn't changed, although many months ago, maybe a year ago, the dashboard changed drastically to more resemble Wordpress. It took some getting used to, but I'm fine with it now.


  14. Hate the new format changes, be basically I hate all change. I'll get used to it though :) I think you should look at the employees retiring as a opportunity to meet new friends.


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