Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Days !!!!!

First, I like to say "Thank you" to all
for the prayers, thoughts and concerns
for us. We made through all the bad
weather! Yesterday we were under a
TORNADO WARNING and had to take
cover at school! The three Special Ed.
classes hunkered down in our room for
an hour. We were never in danger but
a tornado did tough down about 20-25
miles south of school though. There
was some damage to the downtown
area. Sedalia, Mo was hit by one also.
If you would like to help--here are a
couple of places you can go:
School's out for the Summer!!!!!
I made it!
I survived!
Our holiday weekend is going to be
busy! Ken's sister and her family are
coming to town.
Minor League Baseball game Saturday
Birthday party for Ken's uncle on Sunday.
Possible movie date with Ken on
~Keep on Dreaming~


  1. Sounds like good things are happening! Enjoy your weekend...Enjoy your Summer....
    Glad you all are SAFE!

  2. We're going to the T Bones on Saturday night, too! Section 100, Row 11, seats 13 and 14 - our Saturday night package!!!!! See you there!!!

  3. The bad weather got a little too close for comfort yesterday, didn't it? Got to hang out for an hour in the basement. Happy last day of school!!! Enjoy your summer off!!!!

  4. The weather has just been so frightening. I'm glad you and your loved ones weren't in the path!


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